SEMA 2014: Daystar Products’ Jeep FC 170 Truck With Hemi Power And Tracks Is 100% BangShift Approved

SEMA 2014: Daystar Products’ Jeep FC 170 Truck With Hemi Power And Tracks Is 100% BangShift Approved

There’s love a first site and then there are the emotions that I felt when I rounded a corner at the 2014 SEMA show and saw the amazing creation that lies before you on these electronic pages. This Jeep FC 170 was built by the employees of Daystar Products, an industry leading supplier for the off road market with a wide variety of lifts, leveling kits, and other products in their lineup. They decided to take on this Jeep FC 170 build as a literal team and the result is pure,¬†unadulterated BangShifty perfection. From the green and white paint scheme to the chromed components on the tracks that the Jeep rides on, to the fact that there’s 345ci of late model Hemi engine to send this baby down the road, we’ve got no nits to pick with any of it.

Kelly Herring of Daystar rushed to my aid as the color drained from my face and I began to clutch my chest while peering at the awesome truck and he explained that every nut and bolt on the truck was touched by Daystar employees. That’s fantastic on several levels. The first is that it shows the company is manned by enthusiasts that not only understand the products they sell but really love the industry they are in. The second is that these people have great skills and they were all put to great use on the build. We’re going to do a much more in-depth feature on the build after SEMA with photos that take you from the start to the glorious end of this project. We wanted to show you the truck for now and get you freaking out about it like I did because it really is that good.

The truck will be appearing all over the country and we’re going to beat up the Daystar people for any information they have on the tour schedule so you can see this fantastic creation when it rolls into your town. Since SEMA technically hasn’t started yet, I can’t say that this is my favorite vehicle of the week but I will say that the rest of the place has a hell of a job to do to show me something more fantastic than a hemi powered FC170 on tracks. Am I right?


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10 thoughts on “SEMA 2014: Daystar Products’ Jeep FC 170 Truck With Hemi Power And Tracks Is 100% BangShift Approved

  1. Nick D.

    Aw man, very cool. Of course, even without the Hemi and tracks, it’d still be cool. I would love to get a Jeep FC. There’s a guy around here who ran a Jeep dealership and had an FC-170 converted to a duallie wrecker. The dealership closed years ago but he still drives it around to shows. Must be pretty low-geared because she’s screaming along at 55mph

    1. LG

      They actually made a one-ton dual rear wheel FC-170 from the factory that was used for different types of vehicles like tow trucks, fire trucks, etc.

  2. BeaverMartin

    That is an absolutely perfect truck. The only downside I can see is I would be afraid to wheel it as hard as it would want it. Outstanding piece. 100% BS approved!

  3. mooseface

    I really genuinely want to like this truck, it’s right up my alley, but the sparkly green paint just flies in the face of the old school styling and lettering. Last time I saw that color on a car, it was a bagged lowrider with half-again its GVW in subwoofers. Yuck.

  4. Ryan Spitz

    It strains credibility when you think every single thing you see is incredible, awesome, over-the-top, EPIC and Bangshift approved. Just sayin’

    1. BeaverMartin

      The non-BS approved stuff is in the back ground of the pictures. Like the not so awesome, incredible, over the top blue mini-van in the background. I personally think about 99% of the stuff up here is BA and thus is BS approved.

  5. Scott Liggett

    Considering I now live in the middle of farmland, I would love to have one of these to go blasting around the now plowed fields, snow or not.

    These Jeep pickups have such a simple, utilitarian design that appeals to me as well.

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