Best Of 2015: Woman Claims This Tennessee Bus’s Taillight Is A Pentagram

Best Of 2015: Woman Claims This Tennessee Bus’s Taillight Is A Pentagram

(Editor’s Note: Anyone have any ideas as to what could possibly top this gem from 2015? -McTaggart)

I’m simply going to state the facts of this particular case: Robyn Wilkins spotted this school bus in Cordova, Tennessee. She looked down at the auxiliary brake lights. She noticed that the LED pattern of the brake lights appeared to resemble, to her, a pentagram-a five-pointed inverted star. She then proceeded to go on a publicity campaign to inform everyone in the local area that the school busses had occult symbols on them and that children would be influenced by said symbols.

school bus 2

I can’t make up comedy like this, folks. I’m not that good. The problems with creating round LED lights is that you have to have a certain amount of LEDs inside the area of the lens that creates the acceptable amount of light, with little to no thought to a pattern…certainly not in the case of these lights, which are readily available to the public and can often be seen on semi trailers. Wilkins is honestly demanding that the Durham Bus Company replace the lights with “solid red brake lights”. Currently neither the school district nor the Durham Bus Company have issued a statement or have responded to questions regarding the lights.

(Video clip is of story from WMC Action News 5 (TN). Thanks to Christopher McTaggart for the tip!)

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14 thoughts on “Best Of 2015: Woman Claims This Tennessee Bus’s Taillight Is A Pentagram

  1. Tedly

    This is a suburb on the outskirts of Memphis, I wish I could say this is surprising. It’s not. I’m actually amazed it’s taken this ling for someone to make a stink.

    Sad, sad, little people.

  2. Joe Pakiela

    Turn it just a little bit it becomes a star! Problem solved. Glad I could help,I’m here for you

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Ford of Great Britain were secret supporters of CND – check out the tail lights of the Mk1 Cortina – a perfect ban the bomb sign!

    I bet that school bus is a GM product – every body knows that the Devil drives a Chevy!

  4. 75Duster

    Robyn noticed the taillights were a bit odd as she was following the school bus in her Tor -Red Dodge Demon.

  5. Dan Geruss

    Gives you and idea of the economy when the master of the netherworld has to pick up a part time school bus gig

  6. The Devil

    Dammit! Busted AGAIN! First it was Johnny in Georgia & now this. I gotta try a different region of the USA…

  7. Carlo

    I love Tennessee. Lots of car people, beautiful scenery and great roads in the Smokie’s. Prices are low and people are friendly.

    But I have to confess…Tennessee is home to some of the DUMBEST, least educated, bigoted, and closed minded people in the United States…and probably the world!

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