eBay Find: 1936 Divco Milk Truck – One Of 9 Ever Built – Amazing Complete Unit!

eBay Find: 1936 Divco Milk Truck – One Of 9 Ever Built – Amazing Complete Unit!

Now THIS is a totally freaking awesome eBay find! One of nine such DIVCO trucks built in 1936, it is a rare glimpse at what the delivery guys of the day were banging around in. The truck is very basic but appears to be ruggedly built and since it was stored inside since it was put out to pasture (get it? milk truck? pasture?) many decades ago it is in pretty remarkable shape. The original engine is in the truck and according to the seller it turns freely so the mill should run without too much work. The engine is an old Continental C400 which probably makes 20-40hp if we had to guess. It is very similar to an engine we had in a tractor several years ago and they are tough little numbers.

Everyone knows the DIVCO name but do you know what it stood for? Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company. Now you know.

The truck is amazingly intact and free of major damage as best we can tell. Over the years it looks like some of the wooden floorboards were removed from the area where the driver stood and drove from but the floors in the rest of the truck are in great shape as are the racks where milk and dairy products would be stored. This truck is known as an SF truck because it was optioned with side folding doors on both sides of the truck. This was probably an expensive add on but it made life easier for the driver because he could grab what he needed and jump out of the truck to make his drop with a straight shot at the target.

The ancient lettering on the side is great, the old wheels look fantastic, and the multiple levers coming through the floor are BangShift dreamy goodness. According to the ad, before this truck was discovered, five of these were known to exist. Adding this one means six, which is absolutely incredible when you think about how these machines were used day in and day out as work trucks and probably used until they were so tired and old they were put aside. Normally that means certain death at the scrapper, but for whatever reason the fates have shined on these trucks and the majority of them are still around.

We’d be completely remiss if we failed to mention the gravity feed GAS TANK INSIDE THE CAB of the truck! Boy that piece of metal strapping holding it in sure looks like it would survive any sort of impact, right? Hey, it has been in this truck for more than 70 years and never given it a problem so it couldn’t have been all bad, right? One of those things that is fine until it isn’t. If we got our hands on this thing we’d leave that tank there for authenticity purposes but mount small tank down under the floor with a low pressure pump feeding the carb. We’d go through the brakes and basically not touch the outside. Some padding on those racks would make for bench seats and off toe the cruise nights we would go!¬†This truck rules and we hope someone buys it and cherishes it like we would.


milk truck2 milk truck3 milk truck4 milk truck5 milk truck6 milk truck7 milktruck1


eBay ad link: 1936 DIVCO milk truck

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10 thoughts on “eBay Find: 1936 Divco Milk Truck – One Of 9 Ever Built – Amazing Complete Unit!

  1. Greg Rourke

    The seller bought this at an estate auction in Michigan last month. And the previous owner bought it at an auction in the 70’s. Someone needs to do just what Brian said…make it drivable and nothing else. Except align the generator belt, because that is making me twitchy.

  2. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

    Reckon I’m from the “other” camp; where some see patina, I see rust. Original is nice, but only if it’s still in good shape. Judging by the gaping holes in the roof(soft top over wood frame?), the missing floor boards, and the fact that you will have to go thru the entire drive train and suspension, why not go ahead and repair the body and paint it? A good artist can recreate the logos if you want them.


  3. geo815

    18″ off the roof, tubbed, bagged, Mustang II front, blown LS w/6 speed, 4 wheel discs, paint it pussy pink with pearl white flames, and leave the racks and original running gear in place.

    Just kidding. Leave it alone, but make it safe to drive if you have any love of your wallet whatsoever.

  4. Dan Stokes

    Never been around DIVCOs much but our milkman had them when I was a kid. I’m remembering that the later ones (talkin’ 50’s here) had a steering wheel and pedals that worked from either side of the truck so it could be driven from the right or left. Is my memory clouded?


  5. Brian Cooper

    I passed this truck this morning. It was loaded on a three car trailer with some Cadillac modern station wagon and on 80’s BMW headed south on I-77 in Columbia. The F-350 towing the trailer was broken down and being loaded on a tow truck when I passed.

    The Divo looked AWESOME in real life. It’s cooler than these photos.

  6. Karl Stark

    I saw it at a rest stop just south of Danville Va. yesterday. The driver was trying to repair something on the F-350. Didn’t realize it was a Divco till I asked if he would mind my taking a few photos. Yes it is a cool truck for sure.

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