Effing Awesome Fail Video: A Massive Truck Tug of War Goes Very Very Wrong

Effing Awesome Fail Video: A Massive Truck Tug of War Goes Very Very Wrong

Forgive us as we try to reconstruct the events leading up to this momentous video. There were cans, nay, gallons of Keystone beer chugged. There were minutes of angry Ford versus Chevy rumblings and then finally one man suggested, “Let’s hook up our giant trucks and have a tug of war.” Not wanting to be shown up, the other guy had to do it. The results are pure and total awesome destruciton. (Unless you are the guy in the Chevy).

These trucks are obviously home built pieces, most likely mud trucks built in the same spirit as the original monster trucks of the early 1980s. They have little to no suspension travel and gas engines that benefit from the steep gearing in the transfer case and axles. Like those early monster trucks, fabrication and strength are lacking and that point will prove itself in the most obvious way once you watch this video. The Chevy literally starts bending in half and then essentially falls apart as the Ford drags it clear across the field. The guy in the Ford never looked back to the other other truck crumbling.

In the defense of the dude driving the Ford, maybe his rear view mirror was broken or some Keytone splashed into his eye. Hell, there had to be SOME reason he didn’t stop pulling!

Watch all the way to the end. This is a major league fail. 


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8 thoughts on “Effing Awesome Fail Video: A Massive Truck Tug of War Goes Very Very Wrong

  1. Marcus

    Yes, this failure by a drunken redneck of his nearly new factory fresh vehicle absolutely proves your point. Well done, sir.

    1. 440 6Pac

      That Ford looks just as ‘factory fresh’ as that Chevy. I don’t see it falling apart. And I wouldn’t doubt that redneck in the Ford is as drunk as the one in the Chevy.
      BoTtom line. Chevys are crap.

  2. Dabidoh Sambone

    Proves the old axiom about how I’d rather push a DERP than drive a DERP. Oh and, derp, derp derp for good measure.

  3. Craig

    Yep, go out to the country and see how many old Fords are in use on farms and such compared to Chevys………

  4. 1502flash

    At the very end an off screen voice says
    “The F is wrong with him?” Then the
    Girl running into frame says
    “F-ing fool !” What a Drag.
    Have a nice day, Flash out

  5. coop

    that is my chevy I was just over at a buddies showing off my in progress truck not finished at all was going to splash in the mud pit needless to say yup no I should not of hooked up but coors light made it a good idea I rebuilt and got a new truck now sh*^ happens thanks for posting it you guys rock

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