Fiat Chrysler Will Recall 1.3-Million Ram Pickup Trucks Due To Potentially Fatal Airbag Issue

Fiat Chrysler Will Recall 1.3-Million Ram Pickup Trucks Due To Potentially Fatal Airbag Issue

This is a big one. Once again we are talking about a huge automotive recall centered around air bags but this time it is not the airbag manufacturer that’s at fault but the vehicle maker. Fiat Chrysler will recall 1.3-million Ram pickup trucks due to a potentially fatal airbag flaw that needs to be corrected. The problem stems from a sensor that is located on the underside of the truck. Apparently in a wreck, the truck’s various computer systems can see an incorrect message that this sensor has failed and if that happens it will no cinch the belts down on occupants or fire off the side impact bags. One can see the seriousness of this when you consider a rollover style accident.

The trucks that will be involved here are 2013-16 Ram 1500 and 2500 pickups, and 2014-2016 Ram 3500 pickups. About a million of these trucks reside in the USA and the other few hundred thousands are outside of the country. If you own one, keep your eyes open for the recall notice because apparently they will be rolling out pretty quickly. It sounds to us as though the fix will be a software style “flash” so hopefully it is not too much of an ordeal to get it handled at the dealers.


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11 thoughts on “Fiat Chrysler Will Recall 1.3-Million Ram Pickup Trucks Due To Potentially Fatal Airbag Issue

  1. Blu67RS

    Oh, I hope I don’t see the beginning of a down hill slide. Quality falls off. A foreign country buys it out & changes the company’s name. The trusting consumer Thinks they’re getting something different…..and now this


    It\’s Dodge Ram trying to beat Toyota with the \”ruff and tuff\” front end treatment that Toyota aped from them originally.

    Quality and workmanship have dropped considerably.
    1.3 MILLION trucks is a Big Deal.

    Remembering how many unknowing owners were screwed by purchasing and owning the K-Cars back in the mid-80s.

    A blind eye and a winkie-winkie in the other when Chrysler dumped and pumped out those corporating-saving pieces of crapola,knowing full well that
    those devastating shortcuts would co$t loyal purchasers immediately off the showroom floor and $ales lot.

    K-CARma is a beach.

  3. Gump

    Yeah I am not to worried about a software flash on my truck. Toyota, GM, whoever has a recall and its whatever. Chrysler recalls its latest gen trucks and suddenly theyre the shittiest vehicles ever built.

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Well that’s what happens when good ol’ American iron is polluted by the usual shit Italian electrics…

    1. Jav343

      AHH Geordiie: Buy something from FCA, In return for your patience, you get to enjoy Fiat’s, legendary 5-Star service and they’ll even help you identify each and every one of the finely crafted Italian parts gently falling from your FCA vehicle.

      You just cant get that level of attention to details from any other automotive company in the world. As well, I am sure you will take many months of pleasure on the road, enjoying first-hand FCA’s exacting build qualities,

      Assuming, of course, you survive long enough to sign the service/ repair agreement, tell the nice chaps in Turin that Jav343 in Colorado (USA: assuming they don’t know where that is) appreciates them cratering a once favorite car company of his

      Someone named Luigi wants me to buy a 500; Nah, I think I’ll pass

  5. Gary Perkinson

    This is interesting, because I have an ’08 1500, and I just received a recall notice from Fiat/Chrysler on Friday for a passenger-side airbag problem:

    “The front passenger airbag inflator on your vehicle may rupture, due to excessive internal pressure, during normal airbag deployment events. This condition is more likely to occur if your vehicle has been exposed to high levels of absolute humidity for extended periods of time. An inflator rupture, during airbag deployment events, could result in metal fragment(s) striking the vehicle occupant(s) resulting in serious injury or death.”

    So apparently, this is a *different* recall from the one mentioned in this story…

  6. crazy canuck

    Another reason for not buying a new computerized ride be it a chivvy a dudge or a ferd when my old truck rolls or crashes the only airbag that will go off is me cursing that idiot who was his phone and caused the accident

    1. ColinV

      With you 100%. I’ve owned two vehicles built after 2000 and both have been piles of scrap from day one. Going back to buying old and fixing myself.

  7. sbg

    Sounds like an excellent Darwin-based solution to the age old problem of getting people to stop buying rusting, gas-swilling, Sasquatch-transporting Mopars.

  8. Patrick

    What can Ford and Chevy owners agree on? Dodges suck. Or Fiats as they are now called

    1. sbg

      The hurt look on their face when you call their car a Fiat made the entire situation worth it.

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