The Flyin’ Bolens Is A Turbine Powered Lawn Tractor Puller From Hell

The Flyin’ Bolens Is A Turbine Powered Lawn Tractor Puller From Hell

People may want to laugh at it, but the world of garden tractor pulling is deadly serious. There are engine builders who make their living on single and twin cylinder engines for these tractors that make stupid power and loads more torque than the factory engineers ever intended them to make. Like their larger brethren, garden tractor pullers use power, weight, and strategy to pull their scaled down sled for the most distance at events all across the country every weekend. It may look a little odd, but this is pretty serious business. How serious? This guy built a tractor with a freaking turbine engine in it!

The “Flyin’ Bolens” employs a 160hp gas turbine engine that was used as some sort of power unit for a military generator. The shaft speed on this little turbine would be somewhere around 40,000 RPM before being send through a gear box that brings it down to more normal levels to spin the rear axle of the tractor. We’re not 100% sure if this thing is an exhibition rig or if there is an “unlimited” or open category that this tractor would run in. Either way, this is one of the more BangShifty piece of garage engineering were have ever seen and it sure seems like the product of a really smart guy because no hack would (a) get this thing working properly and (b) actually live after driving it at least once.

Turbine powered garden tractor class puller? That’s 100% BangShift Approved!


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One thought on “The Flyin’ Bolens Is A Turbine Powered Lawn Tractor Puller From Hell

  1. KCR

    Everyone should go see a “garden ” tractor pull. It is real serious stuff.Some wild engine combos. A friend of mine in the early 90’s had a 16HP Kohler making over 90 HP. I can only imagine what they are making today.They start at stock 8 HP in the classes. And go from there. Very entertaining. One sport left that still has a lot of different engine types .And pretty much all home made.

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