Forget A Bus, This 1976 Ford C600 Needs To Be The New BS Mobile Command Center

Forget A Bus, This 1976 Ford C600 Needs To Be The New BS Mobile Command Center

Recently converted BangShifter Casey Miller sent us this Craigslist link to a 1976 Ford C600 utility truck that is for sale in Connecticut. He thought it was cool but I saw it and immediately understood that our recent efforts at locating a BangShift mobile command center were misguided. Buses are cool and all but the reality is that this former plumbing truck would be the jam. The fewer windows we have leaves less ability for saboteurs to mess with our stuff, less sound to escape when Chad is screaming and yelling, and more opportunity to sit inside and work in our underwear  without the cops being sent over (again). All that combined with the cool styling that these Ford trucks had for the better part of 20+ years unchanged.

Yes, there are downsides. Before all you old timers who drove around in these things yell at me, I feel you pain. For a brief moment, when I was a water guy I actually drove one as well…in the summer. The cab is an oven and you can literally feel the heat from the engine trying to melt you because you are essentially sitting on top of it. The thing rode like a hay wagon and it was slower than a wind powered tugboat. All of these things are your problems, not ours. Ok, they are actually our problems and not yours but you understand where I am going with this. The truck shows something insane like 17,000 original miles. Is that possible? It may be! We dig the fact that it has a 100mph speedo in it because there were probably engineers giggling at that meeting knowing that with a 360 and a four speed, the truck would not achieve 100mph if it was flying off the side of Snake River Canyon.

We’d build a 428ci Windsor style stroker out of a new Ford Racing Boss block, add as much insulation to the underside of the seat as possible, bolt a Gear Vendors in, use EFI, and still get like 2-mpg but it would have guts and a great sound. Paint it red and black with a massive BS on the side and you’ve got the makings of something sweet. Inside would be all of our gear a couple of desks, two bunks, and a sign that forbade breaking wind. The circulation seems poor in the back. Do WANT!


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CLICK HERE to see this sweet 1976 Ford C600

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One thought on “Forget A Bus, This 1976 Ford C600 Needs To Be The New BS Mobile Command Center

  1. Matt Cramer

    That would make an awesome RV – at least to think about; I’m not sure about to actually drive. But it sure looks cool.

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