Freak For Sale: Cummins 4BT Powered 1970 Nova Dually – Eight Lug Wheels And The Soul Of A Big Rig?

Freak For Sale: Cummins 4BT Powered 1970 Nova Dually – Eight Lug Wheels And The Soul Of A Big Rig?

For the pure freak factory, this could be the weirdest single car I have ever posted on BangShift. Not weird in the sense that it is horribly ugly or looks like it was victimized by a bad plastic surgeon, but weird in the sense that someone looked at a 1970 Nova and decided that they wanted to built it with a big rig theme. Not content to just put some “super singles” on the back and make it look like a pro street car, the builder of this Nova went whole hog. We’re talking 4BT Cummins diesel engine, side pipes so it sounds like a pissed off bread truck, dually style rear wheels, truck tires, an eyebrow the likes of which you’d see on a Kenworth, Alcoa style eight lug wheels all around, a fake trailer air line hanging off the back, a CB inside the cab, and a fake fifth wheel painted on the trunk. The builder went ALL IN.

The Nova is for sale on eBay and the asking price is, wait for it, waaaaiiittt for it, $35,000. A classic case of someone who spend half their life building a “one of one” car which answered a question that they were the only one on Earth actually asking. If someone buys that car for $35,000 I’ll eat my computer without even boiling it or anything. Granted, it was first for sale with an asking price of $75,000 a year ago so $35,000 is a huge “bargain” but I bet it is still about $30,000 high.

There are elements of the car that I actually like. The stance is pretty gnarly as are the wheels and tires. The eyebrow, all the fake stuff, and even the 4BT just aren’t working for me. Shocking, because I normally love championing all thing diesel powered no matter how weird but this is something that just goes a little too far. The little four banger Cummins is probably peppy enough and maybe it can turn the tires but with a Turbo 400 and 4.10 gears, the top speed of that car is going to be way down there because the engine redlines at about 3,800 RPM.

We’ve got photos, video and the RacingJunk ad link below. You need to see it all. Seriously…all of it.


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11 thoughts on “Freak For Sale: Cummins 4BT Powered 1970 Nova Dually – Eight Lug Wheels And The Soul Of A Big Rig?

  1. Tedly

    Ditch the visor, lose the roof lights, get rid of the stupid air hoses, paint over the godawful graphics and lettering and you might actually have something. I have no idea about the engine, but if Lohnes is saying it’s a dumb choice, then it really must be a dog. Get a decent powerplant in there. It has to live up to the image. Right now it’s just someone that watched way too much Orange County Choppers and thought he could make a name for himself in the car world.

    1. Threedoor

      I’d keep the 4BT and do everything else you mentioned. Its just too much jinga truck for me but everything else is cool. There is no reason you cant get big power out of the 4BT but it does need taller gears, say 3:54 or taller.

  2. BigBlockCaprice

    Saw that car at the Mecum sale in Chicago last October. Didn’t sell at a $26,000 bid. I did not care for it at all. Why anyone would do that to a Nova is beyond my comprehension.

  3. Mrocketscience

    Lose all the big rig crap and It’ll look fine. I don’t get the whole Diesel thing, but I guess some guys like the oddball factor.

  4. jerry z

    Sometimes there is no cure for stupid. I couldn’t believe someone bidded up to $26K for that eyesore.

  5. steve wyatt

    First things first. I know the builder of this car. Everything he builds is a full blown one off custom vehicle. Everything he builds is crazy. How about a blown geo metro with 26 x 16 rear wheels and at least 12 nitrous bottles throughout the vehicle. Its on u tube check it out.

  6. Appleseed

    I get it. I like it.

    “Let’s build a drag race Nova, with a 383, and a powerglide, and” ….yawn.

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