Gallery: Vintage Truck Ads From 1966 

Gallery: Vintage Truck Ads From 1966 

America was booming in the middle 1960s. There were massive construction projects going on all over the country, industry was consuming resources that needed to be cut, moved, or mined out of the ground, and literally hundreds of companies supplied equipment and machinery to get the work done. The best part was that 99% of it was designed and built right here in the USA. We have a copy of Construction Methods magazine from 1966 that our grandfather gave to us way back. The magazine is filled with very cool ads for trucks and heavy equipment.

One of the sad things we took away from going through all these ads is just how far General Motors has fallen. Nearly half of the stuff you’ll see in the gallery was produced by one division or another. Allison transmissions for bulldozers, GMC heavy trucks, 4×4 consumer trucks, Detroit Diesel engines, Euclid heavy dump trucks, and scads of other stuff fell under the umbrella of the General. Now they struggle to produce the freaking Aveo econo-box.

There’s some truly awesome photography in some of the ads as well, one features a mobile crane that is launching off the ground while running down a mountain road at speed. It is greatness that would give a weenie insurance guy a seizure if he saw it today.

Click here to see the gallery of vintage truck and heavy equipment Ads from 1966

Ford ad


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