Question of The Day: Are Generation One Broncos The Most Stupidly Priced Old Cars On Earth?

Question of The Day: Are Generation One Broncos The Most Stupidly Priced Old Cars On Earth?

So last year we moved. I sold my stuff as I have documented here before. I decided to clean out the stable so I could grab something new when we were settled into the digs we bought. The good news is that we’re settled in and I am actively hunting around for something cool to have to mess around with an enjoy. I’m an automotive schizophrenic so there’s been no rhyme or reason to my search.

I have considered everything from Ford Galaxies to Firebird Firehawks. I’ve looked at stuff, scoffed at stuff, called on stuff, and nearly bought stuff. All of this hunting has brought me to a couple of conclusions but there’s only one I want to bring up as part of today’s Question of the Day.

There are some styles of cars that seem to carry more financial weight than others. Limited edition models, stuff with rare factory options, stuff that has been restored to virtual perfection on every level. And then there are generation one Ford Broncos. What the hell ever happened to make these things more valuable than gold dipped in platinum? Oh wait! I know! They are coveted by the rich guys and as such the sellers jack the prices, people see the sale numbers and we’re off to the financial races.

I wasn’t even really looking for one of these things but I have peeked in on them a time or two because I enjoy them, but it is completely and utterly out of control. The $96,000 friggin dollars for a 1976 Bronco? $47,000 for a 1968 model? What in the hell is this lunacy?!

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16 thoughts on “Question of The Day: Are Generation One Broncos The Most Stupidly Priced Old Cars On Earth?

  1. Joel Hemi

    I haven’t done any research on this, but I would be very surprised if many of them actually change hands at those prices. So let’s say one high-profile, high dollar sale happens. Then everybody who owns one hears about it via the Internet, and they all go to eBay and list their own bronco that they paid $4,000 for, trying to ride the coattails of the one big transaction. I don’t know if that’s the case here, but I’ve seen it with other stuff.

  2. Joe Jolly

    I like the early Bronco, my Dad had 2 of them and the 68 302, 3 on the tree was the first vehicle I drove after getting my license at 16. Are they considered collectible? Are they a good investment? I guess I should make the guy on CL an offer on the rotting 70 sitting in his barn..

  3. Bill Butte

    Most of them around here are so rotted by that by the time you cut out the bad metal, all you have left is the dash, the top of the cowl & the frame (maybe) – owners just trying to recoup their labor repair investment l guess –
    * Wait a minute Lohnes, you mean you sold Goliath ans the wrecker?? Wow!!

  4. quickboss

    All of the Broncos are out of control…even the 78-79’s are being offered at $50k ! I love them and have owned several but this is out of control.

  5. Gary

    A got a couple of freinds and business associates that manufacture really nice all fiberglass first gen Bronco bodies. End of rust problems. Build your own chassis.
    Bronco Designs in LaVergne, TN, and no, I’m in no way associated with the company. They just do very nice work!

  6. Robert

    Pretty crazy. Right up there with VW vans selling for six figures. I simply don’t get why.

  7. Beau Darville

    Is it any more out of control than the price of a new pickup?

    In 2008 I purchased a new truck that was loaded with a MSRP of $42,800 (I paid far less with the beginning of the big cash back rebates and negotiating on top of that…like 10k less). The same truck 11 years later is nearly $70,000. They make a big deal and say \”$10,000 rebate!)\” and pow…you paid $60,000 + tax for something that cost 50% of that a short decade ago.

  8. Skeptical

    Jesus! And I thought f-body and g-body prices were out of control. Good luck on your hunt Lohnes. I haven’t found anything decent in quite a while that wasn’t double the price of what they were listed for only a few months ago.

  9. Ted

    If you guys want a laugh check out the Vancouver BC Craigslist for the Bronco prices that have skyrocketed, in fact any car locally we’d consider a collectible/muscle car is priced beyond reason. As a bunch of car enthusiasts collectively we all have ICON and barrett ripoff to blame for this, all it takes is one drug dealer/401K/silver spooned senior/mouth breather/insert more money than brains guy to spend foolish money and the market does the Saturn rocket thing. Can’t stop them from spending their money but it makes it almost embarrassing when you call someone out on a p.o.s. they’re asking stupid money for and the response is that’s what they’re selling for the internet. Aarghh………..

  10. bob

    Thank B-J. Wait a year or two, prices will halve. Same thing happened to Fox bodies. Somebody pays stupid money and everybody thinks their’s is worth the same money.

  11. thefatguy

    ANY of the stuff we used to find on the corner for $2500-$3500
    is now ridiculous money, heck ebay a k5 blazer, k10 pickup, dodge
    ramcharger, plymouth trailduster, etc….

    some are literally hemi cuda money territory. crazy !!!


    For more realistic pricing check craigslist or ebay \”auction\” not buy it now. Lots to be had in the 20k-40k range. Also 100% agree with Joel Hemi. People see an asking price or buy it now price on ebay or other sites and then they say \”thats what they are going for on ebay\” which is mostly incorrect as 99% of the people on this site know.

  13. OKSnake08

    For 150k I can go to Ford get an F350 ( no not stupid loaded think diesel fleet truck ) and the order my new GT500. Then find the guy (trying) selling his Bronco for 150K. Driving the new truck with the Shelby on a trailer I get to point, laugh and shake my head and drive away smiling. I’ bleed Dearborn Blue and that sh*t is nuts. Alternatively pull up in a Coyote swapped 82-92 bury them in tire smoke and then pass them in the rough stuff off-road with 100Kin my pocket. Yep, NUTS !

  14. Redhot 71

    I love it, love it, love it. I have one that could be on your list and it will be running this September. But for me it\’s going to be my pride and joy. But in a pinch it\’s nice to know it\’s there.

  15. Redhot 71

    I love it, love it, love it. I have one that could be on your list and it will be running this September. But for me it’s going to be my pride and joy. But in a pinch it’s nice to know it’s there.

  16. Charles

    I’ve owned several Broncos (before the prices skyrocketed), restored/modded one and sold it for more than I had into it and thought I made out like a bandit (had $16k into it sold for $19k) back in 2015. That same Bronco today would have easily sold for $30k+.

    The thing is, people ARE buying them. Most of them don’t even know what they’re looking at so they just pay the asking price. A lot of these clean looking Broncos you see on eBay and on classic car dealer sites/lots are hiding A LOT of crap (overspray, spray painted frames right over the grease and rust, rotted out door jambs and cowls because they’re hard to see or know about, etc). Most of them don’t even have any real upgrades, they’re just slapped together, painted, and presented as “built and restored” Broncos to inexperienced car people with the money or at least a classic car loan.

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