Battle! Watch A Log Skidder and A Bulldozer Have A Push-Off In The Wild!

Battle! Watch A Log Skidder and A Bulldozer Have A Push-Off In The Wild!

Ever skip through the channels on the TV and stumble across a nature show that is highlighting animals fighting in the wild? Sometimes the fights are crazy violent and someone ends up getting eaten. Other times the fights are simply tests of strength to see which animal of a particular type is boss. That’s kind of what we’re looking at here as we’ll see a log skidder and a bulldozer have a push-off in the wild. This is a cool matchup on all levels. Why? The log skidder is on tires and the dozer is on tracks. The skidder is designed to drag stuff through the wilderness and handle any terrain it encounters. The bulldozer is designed to simply push whatever the hell is in front of it, out of the way. Oh…and they both have adjustable blades. That’s a key point.

You may have some pre-conceived notions about how this one will play out, especially the wheels vs tracks part and you might be right but this is worth a watch, because maybe you aren’t. We’re guessing that this was done on a day where the boss was not around or it was done by the boss himself because we’re guessing if any employee got this bright idea and then got busted in the middle of it or after the fact, they’d be out of a job in a hurry.

Heavy metal sumo, baby! Which machine will reign supreme?

Press play below to see this log skidded vs bulldozer push-off in the wild!

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