Here’s What $272,000 Worth Of Seven Marine Outboard Engines Look Like Hanging Off The Back Of The Same Boat – 2,228HP!

Here’s What $272,000 Worth Of Seven Marine Outboard Engines Look Like Hanging Off The Back Of The Same Boat – 2,228HP!

I have always known one thing about boats and that is the fact that find them really cool for other people to own. I like going on other people’s boats, I like talking about other people’s boats, but I have no desire to own a watercraft of my own. That may have changed a little after watching this video from Seven Marine. The company makes awesome (and awesomely expensive) outboard engines that are marine grade GM 6.2L supercharged LS engines that produce 557hp. This video shows a boat with FOUR of the bastards hanging off the back, producing a combined total of more than 2,000hp and a combined price tag of more than $270,000!

In stories that accompanied this video we saw that the boat went 75mph with these engines off the back, which is really hauling some tail for this type of craft. Because we’re so ignorant about the economics behind this stuff we’re going to need some boater input to know whether there is a cost savings or a benefit (other than brute force speed) to these engines as opposed to other options out there.

The sound was interesting to us because it doesn’t really have the roar that you would expect, but when you hear the throttle go all the way into the wide open position there is a wail and a scream that is pretty unique all the same. We’ve never gone 75mph on the water before and doing it in a console style boat like this seems awesome. Also, it is a testament to how hard it is making speed on the water that over 2,000hp (in this design of hull and stuff) still keeps you solidly in the double digit speed range. Boy does it look cool!

Alright boaters…let us know. Is this all about the vanity of owning a cool outboard or are they these engines from Seven Marine brining something to the table?


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5 thoughts on “Here’s What $272,000 Worth Of Seven Marine Outboard Engines Look Like Hanging Off The Back Of The Same Boat – 2,228HP!

  1. David

    75 MPH is not fast for 2228 HP but its 47 feet long,13 wide and looks heavy there are many boats that do almost double that speed with the same HP like Skater,MTI etc …you should try one like that !!!

  2. Karl

    They are pretty cool! To answer some of your questions, like why hang an ls off the back as an out board vs other methods. Couple of things going on. Straight inboards have a lot of gear under water therefor a lot of drag and just not as efficient, very reliable though. An IO would be a good choice less drag faster ect. It has the draw back of the lower in the water all the time (not bad in fresh water but salt loves aluminum) and the there are rubber wear parts that need periodic attention. There are more exotic options like a surface drive, but for that type of application it might not be a great fit.

    As for the number of engines bolted to the back, do you need that many? Probably not, but it’s a heck of a marketing promo for 777 engines (I think that boat was assembled for the Miami boat show). It looks impressive and makes a statement. That is a pretty big and heavy hull and I’m sure the designers had other things in mind besides top speed so I would say while 75 is seemingly slow for the hp, in a boat like that it’s pretty impressive.

  3. Laurits Jorgensen

    Looks fun and obviously very expensive. I have a Robalo 2320 with 2 older Johnson engines that will push it to 65 mph. Gives me a great thrill, attracts a few bikinis from time to time, doesn’t carry as many passengers, but after the purchase and rehab effort ( cost less than $30K ) looks really good, catches lots of fish and I don’t have to contend with a crowd of people on it… meaning I get to keep the fish. Uses considerably less gas too. So I’m wondering, why would anybody spend that kind of money for a center console fishing boat? 🙂

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