Is This 350 Swapped Astro Like A V8 S10 With More Seating? A Green Mo-chine!

Is This 350 Swapped Astro Like A V8 S10 With More Seating? A Green Mo-chine!
(By Greg Rourke) – Small block Chevy into S10 pickups are a popular swap. And why not, they are fairly straightforward. Plenty of cheap S10 pickups are around, and of course all manner of small blocks are available. But live and learn, there is an even easier swap. Small block into Astro mini van.
While wasting time perusing Craigslist for stuff I can’t afford, or have no room for I ran across this green machine. I’ve had the misfortune of removing a 350 from a full size Chevy van, and plenty of grief working on various and sundry front wheel drive mini vans. Surely this must be a hack job, yeah? No. According to the cats at, this swap is among the easiest around. The preferred way is to disconnect the plumbing, wiring, and about half a dozen bolts and raise the body off the subframe. Then swap the motor mounts and installation is the reverse of removal. You can get the correct ECM for the engine used if you’re keeping fuel injection and whatnot, and much of the wiring is plug and play.
So up in the Land Of Cheese is this very green Astro. They love that color there, what with the Packers and all.  The seller claims the engine and trans are built correctly, with the claimed 10:1 compression you’ll be pulling up to the Premium pump. The stance is nice, the door handles are shaved, and the windshield is cracked. Also claimed is the 3.42 open rear the seller says is the weak link. A few other minor annoyances are free of charge, but a GPS speedo and Impala SS rims are an extra cost option.
All in all, for $2800 how can you go wrong?


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5 thoughts on “Is This 350 Swapped Astro Like A V8 S10 With More Seating? A Green Mo-chine!

  1. john

    In a pack of cars speeding down the interstate it might not wise to have the lime van passing through a speed trap. It’s called “selective enforcement “.

  2. Clay

    Ask Rob Wendland about his old Astro van next time you see him. Several years ago when he owned an automotive shot, his shop van was an Astro with a 355/700R4 combo in it. Cadillac Pearl White with Blue flames sitting on Weld Drag Stars.

  3. Nosbaby

    I’ve built two of these in the past… One TBI and one TPI. Fun for an astro and as they said…. Very easy swap.

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