Just How Light Is The New Aluminum F-150? Let’s Take A Look…

Just How Light Is The New Aluminum F-150? Let’s Take A Look…

Ford has been all over the idea of lightening up the F-series lineup lately, and we wondered just how much lighter the truck would be compared to it’s rivals. While the idea of constructing the body from aluminum has been a bit controversial, the one thing the truck absolutely had to do was justify the merit of switching materials in the name of losing weight and making the new F-series more fuel-efficient. Our friends at TorqueNews.com gathered up the curb weights of several trucks and one muscle car to showcase just how dramatic the change to the F-series really is. Wait, a musclecar? In addition to comparing the new truck to the outgoing model¬†and against the other half-ton trucks in the market, just for a kick, they even brought in a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, and we added in the new Mustang GT and of course, the Challenger Hellcat. Keep in mind that the rough translation of weight-to-power is about 5hp gain per 100 lbs. lost. Here’s the rundown:

2015 Ford F150, 2wd, regular cab, short box, V6: 4,050 lbs.

2015 Ford F150, 2wd, regular cab, short box, V6: 4,309 lbs.

2015 Ford F150, 2wd, regular cab, long bed, V8: 4,344 lbs.

2014 Ford F150 2wd, regular cab, short box, V6: 4,685 lbs.

2014 Ram Tradesman, 2wd regular cab, short box, V6: 4,685 lbs.

2014 Chevy Silverado, 2wd, regular cab, short box, V6: 4,387 lbs.

2014 Toyota Tundra, 2wd regular cab, long bed, V8: 4,920 lbs.

2014 Chevy Camaro ZL1: 4,120 lbs.

2015 Ford Mustang GT: 3,526 lbs.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: 4,439 lbs.



Courtesy: TorqueNews.com

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17 thoughts on “Just How Light Is The New Aluminum F-150? Let’s Take A Look…

  1. Tom Slater

    Ford has done a great job with weight savings but it’s “only” 400 lbs lighter than the Chevy. I think I’d rather have the Bowtie.
    The Mustang on the other hand is *crazy* lighter than the ZL1.

    1. Sumgai

      You can have your GM… I’d rather have a truly modern pickup design, from a manufacturer that doesn’t sh!t on its customers every chance they get.

  2. eli

    I thought it would be lighter than that. And i think the only way a truck will get better fuel mileage for it to be not shaped like a truck rather something more aerodynamic

    1. Tom Slater

      In city driving or hilly terrain, weight certainly does make a difference. At 60, it’s much more about aero – but getting that beast started from each and every stop sign, red light or even yield sign, the weight savings should be worth a mpg or so.

  3. The Worm

    Just give me a long running bowtie and keep the junk at home. I have a 92 chevy with well over 500,000 miles and the only thing that has been replaced on the engine is 1 alternator.

    1. Sumgai

      On this engine maybe. LOL.

      We have a 91 Chevy 2500 at work that has 50,000 (not 500k, 50k) miles and is on its third engine, third transmission, and it breaks down every two weeks like clockwork. It’s never been off road and never above 40mph, so the sheer amount of failures is weird even for GM.

  4. mopar man

    I have taken classes on the new Ford Pickup, and there will be some pissed off people when these things need repaired, as some of the repair procedures that Ford recommends will definately show the veh has been wrecked, anyone with common knowledge of how vehicles are put togather would go oh this truck has been wrecked as it will be obvious, so if you buy one, just don’t wreck it to the point where it will need a rocker or pillar or bedside, or door skin.

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