Make Way! This Seattle Street Turned Into A Life-Sized Slip and Slide Disaster

Make Way! This Seattle Street Turned Into A Life-Sized Slip and Slide Disaster
Winter is here folks, and about three quarters of the country will likely have to deal with snow and ice at some point over the next few months. What’s that you say? You have anti lock brakes, four wheel drive and the latest winter tires on your Ess Yoo Vee? That won’t always help. Example: Seattle in 2010.
Here we have a residential street that’s apparently been turned into a curling sheet. It looks to be on a fairly gentle hill, but with an inordinate amount of gravity. Hilarity ensues.
We have cars making perfect 360’s as they slide down the hill. No application of brake or throttle makes any difference in the forward progress, for folks trying to make their way up or down. Ruh roh, here comes the Number 43 bus, but I don’t think that’s Richard Petty at the tiller. Slow motion, 4 wheel drift into a utility pole. He’s not going “Downtown” any time soon. One lucky soul manages to stop midway down the slope, but the motorist behind him isn’t so lucky, and punts him on down the hill. Passersby seem to trying to run down the hill to beat cars to the cross street, where several of our unlucky drivers have slid onto. Yikes, here comes a fire truck! Is disaster about to strike? Nope, tire chains, and what we assume are some barricades placed at the top of the hill.
This vid was shot in late November of 2010, and what we assume would have been among the earliest winter storm events of the year. Proof once again that people forget everything they’ve learned about winter driving over the warm months.

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