More Monster ‘Dozer Action – Check Out This 1950s Siamese Twin D8 Caterpillar! (Video)

More Monster ‘Dozer Action – Check Out This 1950s Siamese Twin D8 Caterpillar! (Video)

(By Greg Rourke) – Brian recently showed us the Euclid TC-12 bulldozer. Apparently it was a nightmare as far as reliability. It turns out if you needed an XXL dozer in the early 50’s, you had another choice. Maybe the TC-12’s reputation preceded it, or maybe you just didn’t like green, or just liked Caterpillar. Here we have the Siamese Twin D-8.

Built by Peterson Caterpillar in San Leandro, California the Twin was the answer for those who really needed to move a great deal of whatever was in their way until the D-9 came out in 1955. As the name suggests, it was two D-8’s joined side by each, and a very enormous dozer blade stuck on the front. They had a few different configurations, including a high clearance model for clearing trees. It could knock down 40 foot high trees and shove them 300 feet. The coal model could move 25 yards of coal at a time. The Super Push prototype had a 22 foot wide blade, and was field tested at a dam project in Montana.

Most of you probably are aware of the “pony motor” starter Cat used, a two cylinder gasoline engine was used to crank up the big diesel. The Twin used one pony motor on the right engine, then once it was running a clutch was engaged to fire up the left engine, the most powerful pony motor ever. Further trivia: these old Cats didn’t have a hydraulic system, but raised the blade via a winch on the back and cables running to the front.
Is the tractor in the vid one of the only three built in the 1948-53 era? Nope, it’s a re-creation commissioned by a guy who must really love yellow iron.

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2 thoughts on “More Monster ‘Dozer Action – Check Out This 1950s Siamese Twin D8 Caterpillar! (Video)

  1. Allen L

    My late father bought an old D2 for our farm, did a repaint, replaced the decals, etc, it had a hydraulic pump that ran off the crankshaft, mounted to the front of the Cat. When the road in front of our farm wss being rebuilt and paved, the only way my father could get to the fields, was to drive the Cat along the edge of the ditches. The construction crew, driving D8s, stopped him, so they could check out the tiny D2. They got a kick out of it.
    Yes, it also had a two cylinder pony engine to start it, and I got to creep around the yard using just it. When my father passed away, we sold most of the farm equipment. I wish we still had the D2. It holds a special place in my heart.

  2. Allen L

    BTW, there was another alternative to the D8 back in the day, its color was red.
    The International Harvester TD24.
    But they never doubled up like the D8 twin.


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