How To Build A Nitro Powered Drill

How To Build A Nitro Powered Drill

The world of the “How To” video is a strange one. These things range from the driest things you have ever laid your eyes on to some of the most entertaining footage you can imagine. We’d put this one in the second category because of the content alone. This video shows you how to build a drill using a small nitro engine! Now there are gas powered drills out there but they are gigantic, beefy things as compared to this hand held portable unit. The only real issue with this one is the fact that we’d be constantly running it at full bore with a big load in the tank to get our into fix every day.

There’s some really neat work that goes into building this thing. From the machine work and the crafty metal work to tie the whole project together, we’re 100% impressed with how awesome this nitro powered drill genuinely is.¬†Recreating this would certainly be some serious work but as crazy as it sounds, the rig seems to be pretty handy. You’ll see it drill stuff about a minute into the video and from that point on, the video goes into construction mode and we think you’ll dig it.

BangShifty? We think so!

Press play below to see this killer nitro powered drill project –

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