Check Out This Maine Logging Truck Stacked To The Rafters!

Check Out This Maine Logging Truck Stacked To The Rafters!

It is an argument as to what the harshest environment is where big trucks operate. The desert? The city? Mines? Those are all good options but for us, logging trucks have the hardest job over all the rest. We reason this because they are constantly hauling huge and heavy loads, they are often doing it on dirt roads, muddy slop, or worse, and that many of the logging roads they operate on are horrible, winding, steep things built with little consideration on getting a massive rig in and out of them.

In this video which was shot in northern Maine we see a truck that is loaded beyond all reason coming down a snowy logging road. When the driver gets to he corner he slows way down and if you have even a 5th grade education you understand why. This thing would flip onto its side instantly spilling its whole load of trees and causing a big mess on the ground.

Whether they are bumping over rocks, slogging through the mud, or cautiously treading down a snowy path in the Maine woods, logging trucks are tough as nail and often really cool because they are mechanically beefed from their road going counter parts.

In short, this is awesome.

Press play below to see this logging truck in the Maine woods cruise –

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One thought on “Check Out This Maine Logging Truck Stacked To The Rafters!

  1. crazy canuck

    Wow impressive couldnt do that on the logging roads out here. Thats what we call pecker poles on the west coast . our headsaw takes a 76 ” log and some of the logs we have to quarter to get in the mill


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