Mud Truck Car Tow Is America’s Greatest New Motorsport

Mud Truck Car Tow Is America’s Greatest New Motorsport

While we think that the name needs some work, we think that mud truck car tow has an amazing future ahead of it. Maybe it doesn’t but hear us out. This video is awesome because it shows insanely powerful mud trucks hooked to a sad sack Ford Crown Victoria with no wheels and tires on it that was clearly liberated from a junkyard in the not too distant past and then dragging the poor bastard of a car across a course as quickly as possible. In times like these we like to think of the car as someone’s pride and joy on the day it was delivered to its first owner. Over time it was beat up, crashed, passed down, and eventually retired to the junkyard. One day the fork lift came and the car thought it was to be saved…only to find itself being used as the anchor weight for mud truck car tow. Tough stuff for sure.

Like the videos we have shown you that feature these trucks making short work of huge tires and other dead weight, we love this action for its simplicity and brutality. Of course our favorite parts of the video feature the drivers who think nothing of completely flattening the gas pedal right off the bat with no care given for their driveline components or rev limiter. You’ll see all sorts of different trucks pull the old Crown Victoria down the course. You’ll see all kinds of great trucks in this one.

Watch Mud Truck Car Tow action right here – America’s favorite new sport!

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