These Multi-Lane Tow Plows Are The Winter Innovation Every State Needs

These Multi-Lane Tow Plows Are The Winter Innovation Every State Needs

This video has kicked around for a couple years but it is something that every person in a cold weather state should see. These tow plows being used by the Missouri DOT (in this film) are brilliant and we’re wondering why they aren’t seen in more places. Normally the highway is cleared by a phalanx of big plow trucks all offset from one another to funnel the snow off the road. This unit turns a single trucks into a unit as effective as three in today’s system. At least it looks that way.

The machine tows behind the truck like any normal trailer under it is turned on and its wheels turn and the whole thing swings out to the side and creates this awesome long arm which only requires one follower truck to actually complete the “clean sweep” of the road. This video shows the unit being operated in a multitude of snow and slush types, it has multiple camera angles, and it does a good job really showing off what this rig is capable of. We were pretty surprised at how it was able to move the really deep powder that you’ll see about a minute into the video. That’s some deep stuff but the big International truck does not seem too phased by it.

We want to see and hear people shoot holes in this setup. Tell us why it is not as good as current methods because we’re short on negatives with this rig!


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4 thoughts on “These Multi-Lane Tow Plows Are The Winter Innovation Every State Needs

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    What you are actually seeing is the Medelin cartel’s rapid reaction force after the DEA blew up their main processing factory!

    Check out the white storage tank and the speeding cars behind the trucks

    Ay! La cucaracha indeed!

  2. tigeraid

    We have these up here in Ontario too. Great idea in general I guess, but if there’s only a sprinkle of snow, not being able to pass the plow kinda sucks.

  3. joebogey

    Only downside I see is if you get 10″+ of wet slop even with that water tank full it would get a little thrown around. And what does it look like hitting a manhole or pothole?

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