New Jersey State Assemblyman Submits Bill To Make “Coal Rolling” Illegal After Someone Blasted His Nissan Leaf

New Jersey State Assemblyman Submits Bill To Make “Coal Rolling” Illegal After Someone Blasted His Nissan Leaf

If you misbehave in front of the wrong person, they will see to it that your form of fun is forever banished. In New Jersey, State Assemblyman Tim Eustance was driving his Nissan Leaf  on the New Jersey Turnpike when a diesel truck pulled up next to him and proceeded to smoke him out. Smart move, dumbass, because now Eustace is presenting a bill, A3583, which will outlaw both the act of rolling coal and any modifications made to a truck to further enhance it’s ability to puke out black smoke. The fines will be handed down from New Jersey’s Department of Ecological Protection, and you can bet that those fines are going to be impressive. And if it does pass, expect other states, especially neighboring states, to take notice.

I’ll stick my neck out with my opinion: I’m all for modding diesel trucks for both work and play. After seeing Diesel Drags and truck pulls, diesels can be a seriously bad-ass mill that makes the kinds of numbers that power cruise ships. But “rollin’ coal” is the automotive equivalent of crop-dusting pews at church: everybody was minding their own business, nobody was bothering you, yet you decided to let that simmering dinner of Taco Bell and Michelob assault every nose in every pew as you got up and left early. I actually hope this legislation does pass, and I hope diesel owners take note. Getting the law involved where it never needed to be involved in the first place is not a good thing and only hurts the entire automotive culture’s standing in society.


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15 thoughts on “New Jersey State Assemblyman Submits Bill To Make “Coal Rolling” Illegal After Someone Blasted His Nissan Leaf

  1. John

    What a dumbass! In Jersey, diesel cars and pickups ( don’t know about others) are exempt from MVC inspection. Now inspection for all of us will change as it will take longer to go through inspection. Nice work “pud puller”!

  2. 440 6Pac

    I could care less if they ban “coal burning”. Except that then they’ll want to ban everything else they don’t like.
    I don’t understand why guys want to waste fuel like that. But it’s their money they’re wasting.
    But what I really don’t understand it the idiots in the pictures. Ain’t no way they have a brain in their heads.

  3. dirwood

    didnt banks build a duramax nascar truck that made serious power and didnt smoke? these guys are just begging for emissions testing… we have stricter emissions testing than cali up here on the coast, its due to shut down this year,and rumor has it the spotlight might be on these guys.

    1. Patrick U

      A good friend of mine has a 6.4L Power Stroke that has been low 12’s, and at wide open throttle has just a slight haze. True diesel enthusiasts try to keep the smoke to a minimum. Douche Baggy, flat billed hat wearing, kids are the ones that love filling windows with the s***…

  4. 50tbrd88

    I love diesel trucks, but am so tired of all these “diesel punks” and their antics. I bet I’ve towed more with my 1/2 ton Silverado that the majority of these diesel enthusiast with their 3/4 or 1-ton. The most annoying “automotive enthusiast” group bar none, IMO.

    This quote is one for the history books and had me chuckling like crazy: “rollin’ coal” is the automotive equivalent of crop-dusting pews at church

  5. TheSilverBuick

    I was out walking my dog last night and the douchebag neighbors down the street setup all their diesels to do this, and as soon as the guy was about 30 feet past me he laid into it for the “look at me” cloud of smoke. Douchebags through and through.

  6. Whelk

    I’m not defending rolling coal, I don’t care for it either. But I especially hate busy body politicians who want to legislate every damn thing that annoys them at any given moment.

  7. marcus

    I have a sweet ’69 Chevelle, mildly worked over, and it’s exhaust produces an odor (even more with the lead substitute) which I call “Chevelle Cologne.” My neighbor does not like the smell, and has reported me several times to the police, the county and the state EPA. The car passes emissions (don’t ask why a car from 1969 with the original engine has to take an emissions test). She does not like the fact that I have this car at all, even though I never do burnouts with it, do not street race it, and do not make a nuisance of myself. Letting individuals decide what their neighbors can and cannot do with their property is a slippery slope, guys, and we are always on somebody’s list. Anybody having some fun is a target for people who don’t like to see others having any fun.

    1. TheSilverBuick

      There is a difference between having fun and just being a dick. Filling someones car with black smoke is just a dick move (or in my case last night if the wind was blowing a slightly different direction it would of been in my face). There is a thread from two or so weeks ago covering this exact rolling coal topic. IMO, there is likely already a law on the books somewhere that the officer could write them up for. Depending on local laws of course, but something pertaining to creating a hazard or obstruction on the road or such.

  8. jeepman

    I don’t really give a [email protected] for diesels really. I get tired of all the smoke and loud exhaust that doesn’t even sound good. I get it. You can make it fast but with the thick black smoke it makes me think your f%cking up something in the engine.

  9. Arrow1100

    These guys should just go to the local camp ground and though old roofing shingles on all the camp fires

  10. Threedoor

    He was minding his own business as he paid part of the guys wage, healthcare expense, retirement, more taxes for the roads and part of the sunsidy for the Leaf.

  11. lbms

    My understanding black smoke is just wasted fuel under extremely rich mixture conditions. Is this correct? or am I crazy?

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