Best of 2020: Fixing A Dump Truck’s Broken Rear Axle In Pakistan

Best of 2020: Fixing A Dump Truck’s Broken Rear Axle In Pakistan

If there was one really big automotive take-away from my time spent in Iraq, it was that if you had a medium-duty truck of just about any type, you had the ability to work. Flatbed, dump, stakebed, fifth-wheel, all kinds were present and even more amazing from Western eyes was that all years seemed to be present too. Short-bonnet Mercedes Benz models and Aksam-produced Dodges and DeSotos, Ford Cargos and other, even more obscure trucks like Hinos and Nissan UDs were everywhere, kicking up dust while moaning out under their own ponderous bulk, nevermind what they were hauling. Prized for their durability and worked much harder than even the manufacturers probably expected them to be worked, they were moving when most road-going cars were somewhere between dying and death.

Looking at some of the rigs I saw, it was a wonder how any of them were still in one piece. Even if it was just a couple of years old each truck looked like they had been beaten and abused at some granite mine for decades. You had to wonder how the maintenance for these beasts was actually completed. Well, wonder no more. Here you will see the process that is used for fixing the broken wheel hub fitting for a dump truck (looks like a Hino from what I can see) and it will be done in a manner that would give an OSHA inspector a coronary. The work is excellent, but this isn’t precision country. This is hammers and presses, in-the-dirt work that is designed to make things move again. Check it out:

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23 thoughts on “Best of 2020: Fixing A Dump Truck’s Broken Rear Axle In Pakistan

  1. BeaverMartin

    Thoroughly enjoyable video. The Iraqis were pretty industrious. We should have paid some to come to Afghanistan to train them. Though in fairness the Afghans can build just about any building out of dirt.

  2. Mike

    Did this for decades…..with a roller rest though. Never underestimate the creativity of a human with a few tools. This is the first evidence of what I knew had to be happening elsewhere in the world.

  3. Ben

    I don’t give a Fuck where it’s done. Awesome. Get it done boys. I would Hire any of you. Good mechanic don’t know color or ethnicity.

  4. Scott

    This was awesome to watch these guys would be hired by a any shop and that shop would have the best crew around , they are amazing

  5. Tom P

    I would want these guys as crew if I was on a trip in the boonies. That looks like they did quality work with improvised tools. Hoisting that heavy third member like that is genius.


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