On This Date In 1893 The Diesel Engine Was Patented In Germany – Here’s Our Video Tribute To Compression Ignition Engines!

On This Date In 1893 The Diesel Engine Was Patented In Germany – Here’s Our Video Tribute To Compression Ignition Engines!

Rudolph Diesel would be so flipping happy at the way things are turning out for his basic engine design today, mainly because he would be wealthy beyond anyone’s imagination so it is too bad that he’s been dead for a very long time. That being said, diesel engines have sure come a long way from their roots in the 1890s when Diesel was simply looking to come up with a better, more efficient mouse trap than the gasoline burners that were starting to pop up across the globe. The funny thing is, he did just that and were he alive today he’d see a Europe that is on the verge of selling more diesel powered cars per year than gas powered cars. He’d see racing and motorsports series around the world using diesel engines. He’d see worldwide industries dependent on the efficiency of his design to move goods across land and seas, and he’s also see hot rodders in America on dynos, pulling sleds, and drag racing their trucks down strips across our country. We’ve been slow adopters of diesel engines in passenger cars here in the USA, mainly because of a few botched attempts by manufacturers to bring that technology to bear on the cheap and without fully testing their own products but the tide is rapidly turning. From half ton trucks to SUVs, small displacement turbo-diesel engines are becoming a viable option for buyers. Heck, in a couple weeks we’re planning on taking a 2,000 mile road trip in one of those diesel SUVs…stay tuned.

To honor this historic day, we’re going to run some of our favorite diesel videos below. There are explosions, there are dyno pulls, there are diesel freak swaps, and there’s lots and lots of torque. If Rudolph was around today, we’d take him out for beers and then on a worldwide tour to show him the impact that his initial designs and theories have had on modern life. They are substantial. You certainly don’t have to like diesels, but you do have to respect them. Why? We’re betting almost everything you touch on a daily basis was moved courtesy of a diesel engine at some point in its life. Fact!




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11 thoughts on “On This Date In 1893 The Diesel Engine Was Patented In Germany – Here’s Our Video Tribute To Compression Ignition Engines!

  1. crazy canuck

    Diesel awesome torque great mileage good for towing your race car great for getting screwed over by the oil companies. Sorry just Pd off at filling up at a 1.47 a freakin litre

  2. 440 6Pac

    Diesels are great for pulling and hauling loads. But I don’t like them in cars. I have diesels tractors and diesels in both my pickups. I converted my 74 to diesel in 06 after rebuilding the 440 a couple of times.
    I don’t know why the big three doesn’t offer a diesel in their 1/2 ton trucks.

      1. Beaver Martin

        the eco-diesel v6 is available in the new 1500. Better millage and more tow rating than the eco-bost from ford. It is unfortunately not a cummins. The 6BT Cummins is only avalable in the 2500/3500. The eco-diesel is from VM Motorini an Italian company owned by FIat. The “small displacement” 5 ltr Cummins V8 developed for the Ram 1500 will now be available in the next gen Nissan Titan

        1. Diesel Dan

          How are the transmissions?
          Dodge lost a lot of Cummins fans when their stuff started breaking in the late 90s.
          People who needed their trucks because they were working trucks couldn’t afford to have their rigs just sitting around at home or at the dealership.

          1. 88ProStreetS10

            That very concern about transmissions is why sought out and bought my 1991 Dodge D350 Cummins 1 ton – 5.9 liter, 5 speed manual, no worries – pulls all day long in 5th gear. Only have to shift to 4th on a steep grade.

          2. Beaver Martin

            The auto trans is still the weak link, and has been since the 727 days. The manual is the ticket with the Cummins. Not sure if the stick is available with the eco diesel. The 3500 has an available Asin 6 speed that is about the equal of the Allison in the Chevy. When I was a Chrysler tech the trans guy, Darrel was always busy, most of my work was Neon head gaskets

  3. Brian Lohnes Post author

    The Eco-Diesel rams are out now. It its s 3-liter V6 diesel. I have taken a spin in the truck and it is cool. We’re taking a 2,000 mile road trip in a diesel grand cherokee in a couple of weeks and that thing uses the same engine.

  4. Beaver Martin

    I love diesels. I work on them a lot in the Army, and have a 5.9 6BT in my truck. Hell I would swap a duramax or Cummins into my AMC Matador coupe if the engines wern’t twice as much as I payed for the car.

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