More Photos Of The Chevy “Lumino” Emerge – We’re 100% Convinced This Was A Factory Job

More Photos Of The Chevy “Lumino” Emerge – We’re 100% Convinced This Was A Factory Job

Yesterday we showed you a lone photos of the Chevy “Lumino” that reader Tom Campanelli had spotted outside a Florida home improvement store. Well, we’re back with a lot more photos of the car as Campanelli sent us everything he shot that morning and we’re more convinced than ever that this was some sort of a concept, prototype, or exploratory factory build because when you see the quality and detail that went into creating the “bed” in the back of the creation, you’ll agree with us. The metal work is too good to be from some guy’s backyard tinker shop. Obviously it gets driven as the frontal photos we showed you yesterday depicted the nose and the ground effects package bolted to it to as kind of busted up like they have been crunched on a high curb or something.

Various theories popped up yesterday, but no definitive answer. Hopefully these additional photos will kick start someone’s brain so we can find out of this baby is wothless, rolling gold, or just another hunk of tin!



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24 thoughts on “More Photos Of The Chevy “Lumino” Emerge – We’re 100% Convinced This Was A Factory Job

  1. Kevin

    Found this after a quick search


    1. Tim

      those are all over S Africa… bad ass and they make a SS model…saw them when I spent time in Capetown 2 yrs ago

  2. Bryan McTaggart

    It’s not the ASC car…quarter windows on the white car are freaking huge. Though, the more I see of it, the more I want one.

  3. Piston Pete

    Sure looks factory to me. G M certainly missed the boat by not building this, I’d be driving one now if they had.
    Sorry to criticize, but Brian’s stories and comments would be easier to understand if he proofread his work before clicking send.

  4. joebogey

    Quarter windows are from a Beretta of the same vintage. Looks like they were shopping in the parts bins.Lumina quarters with a Celebrity tailgate.

  5. GuitarSlinger

    Well … hate to play Devils Advocate here … but I’m 150% convinced this is not a ‘ factory ‘ job . Why ?

    1) The quality and metal work especially in the bed is crap !
    2) No prototype of this sort would ever of survived the crusher
    3) If it was a factory prototype there’d be a record of it and someone from GM would be verifying it here as having survived in some GM employees garage
    4) I’ve seen much better work than this come out of many a home garage than this . Aint you spent no time at Custom Car Shows Mr Lohnes ?
    5) The overall look of the thing wreaks of Bodge Job from stem to stern
    6) If GM had ever done a ‘ new ‘ El Camino prototype for the US market they’d of based it on the Holden ‘ Ute ‘ with US specs … not the pos Lumina [ why reinvent the wheel when you’ve already got one ? ]

    1. GuitarSlinger

      Correction ; After some careful research GM did over the years create several US spec ‘ new ‘ El Camino prototypes in order to convince the powers that be to place a new El Camino into production . All based on modified versions of their Holden ‘ Ute’ .Not the freaking Lumina which was a travesty from the get go .

      Conclusion ? This is most definitely a Home built – parts bin – junkyard bits custom reasonably well done

  6. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    If you look closely there’s a can of gasoline in the bed ………say no more!

  7. Scott

    The proportions are not right to be factory. I owned a couple of Luminas and this one was definately built off of a 4 door car. The doors are from a 4 door for sure. My guess is someone cut up a rearended 4 door years ago and now crappy workmanship looks like wear and tear.

  8. loren

    It’s sure more fun to talk shit than agree, huh?

    I’m about split…the ’80s full-size truck inner fenders look awful, but much of the rest is too nice of an install of El Camino panels to be a backyard job…generally. The step rear bumper is what really gets me. Who’d have attended to that detail? Any “real” El Camino would have 2-door doors it’s true, but the G8 (and fantastically ugly as viewed from most angles) more recent prototype didn’t.

  9. Peter dunn

    It looks like a Holden (GM) Commodore Ute to me. Google it to see the similarities

  10. Ian

    Nope, absolutely nothing to do with a Commodore.
    It’s worth remembering that Commodores were only LHD from 1998, so no El camino concepts before then would have been Commodore based.
    The Commodore ute is also completely different, longer wheelbase/shorter overhang and a deeper bed.
    I’m thinking this might have been built by a funeral coach builder since it looks similar to the Eldorado flowercars that alot of them built.

    BTW, that’s a Penzzoil can in the bed.

    1. gary

      it looks like a badly rendered version of a hybrid cross between a VN commodore ute and a proton ute. The door looks like a VN and the front end is vaguely similar, the rear bumper is also vaguely VN/VP commodore ute

      either way it should be euthenased.

      and its not a factory render

    2. john t

      Sorry what?? ` Commodores were only LHD from 1998 ‘ what are you talking about?? Australia is RHD…..hell of a lot of Commies over here mate!! And in case you meant only RHD wrong too… they were made for export as well…

      1. ian

        Oops, goof of the LHD until 1998.
        The VT was the first Commodore designed for LHD, early models are RHD only.

  11. Anthony

    Ive seen a FWD Monte Carlo like this too. Must be some conversion company did the job. Its not factory but certainly not a backyard job.

  12. Doug

    It would have been nice to have gotten a VIN number and find out what it started as….

  13. Tom P

    Those wheelwells are the late 60’s truck ones that bolt in. Not something GM would have used by that time.
    I think somebody (in a drunken stupor) got the idea to El Caminize their Lumina wagon and actually had the skills to do it.

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