Planes of Fame: A Look At The Awesome Machines Of The Chino Air Show

Planes of Fame: A Look At The Awesome Machines Of The Chino Air Show

(Photos by Jeff and Mike Burghardt) – There may not be anything more patriotic around this time of the year as is a local historic airshow.

The yearly Airshow at the Planes of Fame Air Museum at Chino Airport in Southern California features dozens of historic flying machines and aircraft, performing in the air for the thousands of rabid fans who enjoy the overhead majesty in the air of airplanes that fought to protect our country and won war battles all over the world and a few experimentals, as well.

These survivors and ground displays have been lovingly restored by the by some of the remaining fanatics who flew and maintained them as well as newly recruited gear heads who are an important part of the long, tedious process of getting these birds back into the skies, for all to enjoy.  There was a pretty cool static display of tanks, weaponry, troop carriers and jeeps, too!

Between the F-16’s, P-25’s, F-86’s, the Skytrooper and bombers like the B-25, restoration of this hardware is exhausting as replacement parts get scarce and rare.  You think building a racecar or a muscle car is tough; get yourself onto a fighter plane restoration project.

Enjoy the awesome aircraft and war birds from the Planes of Fame Air Museum at Southern California Chino Airport.

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4 thoughts on “Planes of Fame: A Look At The Awesome Machines Of The Chino Air Show

  1. john

    Except for misidentifying a F4F Wildcat for an SB2C Helldiver, these were great pics. Helldivers have a very distinctive tail assembly.

  2. Chevy Hatin\' Mad Geordie

    Awesome – but what\’s that evil looking twin engine plane with the skinny fuselage?

    There\’s me thinking that a Chino air show was when you forgot to close your zip after using the bathroom..

    1. john

      It’s an F7F Tigercat built by Grumman. Too late for WW II and used sparingly during the Korean War as a night fighter.

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