Roadkill: Finnegan And Freiburger Convert The Muscle Truck Into A Screaming, Fuel Injected, Dune Bashing Warrior

Roadkill: Finnegan And Freiburger Convert The Muscle Truck Into A Screaming, Fuel Injected, Dune Bashing Warrior

The muscle truck has lived a hundred lives at this point and one of them actually started on BangShift. Technically it started on the site that preceded BangShift but you get what we’re saying. This Chevy pickup has drag raced, road tripped across country, and now has been converted into a thundering, fuel injected, LS powered, bogger equipped sand slinging, due warrior in the latest episode of Roadkill. Finnegan and Freiburger love to bash stuff off road. The hammered Charger was awesome in the dirt and they decided to take it to the next level on the sand with the truck.

Their plan was to add some seriously aggressive off road tires and hit the Glamis dunes to prove that horsepower, tires, and wheel speed were more important than four wheel drive out there in the loose stuff. They even meet with with Fred Williams at Pismo Beach and have a showdown with Williams’ VW beetle that has been tweaked for use in the sand. Will the big horsepower truck thump the lighter, rear engine VW? You’ll have to watch to see.

We’re interested to see what people think of the muscle truck’s look with the off road tires and the subtle methods used to fit them to the truck. By subtle we mean all out hack-o-riffic methods used in the field to get them to fit. Outside of that, has there been a better sounding truck ever built?


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13 thoughts on “Roadkill: Finnegan And Freiburger Convert The Muscle Truck Into A Screaming, Fuel Injected, Dune Bashing Warrior

    1. Burner303

      You do realize that Dumb(or Dumber depending on how you rank them) was one of the founding guys of this very site, right? Everything that they do is right in line with the type of thing that this site promotes. If you visit BS regularly, how can you NOT like this show?

      Roadkill is also one of the best, if not the best automotive entertainment show around on youtube, tv, etc. If you don’t like this, well, what DO you watch?

  1. William Wilson

    The comments here are so full of hate and anger.

    It’s a 74 truck, new fenders are $80 each.

    Why not have a good time?

    The next truck party can be about making it handle with new fenders.

    It was a fantastic episode and I got it for free.

    Just had to watch the add at the beginning.

    How terrible.

  2. Wes

    I watched the show and I’m a fan but didn’t much care for it. Seems as though they are running out of ideas on what to do next. I guess next will be the Super Bee goes mud bogging???

  3. Tom Slater

    Wow, don’t understand the haters.
    That was fun stuff, free, about cars.
    WTF is the problem there? No powder coat? Not enough chrome? Shit worked but wasn’t pretty?
    Wow… some folks evidently have a very different enjoyment of the auto hobby. To each their own, I guess.

  4. jerry z

    Getting ready to watch the video now. I know its going to be good.

    How can you not like F&F Roadkill show! They find bizarre ways to mod a vehicle and always looks like fun when they do these episodes!

  5. Blue'67CamaroRS

    ~ People need to grow an Open mind. It’s not your stuff, so don’t take it personal! I enjoy seeing all kinds of mechanical stuff in action and I’m entitled to my opinion. No, I definitely don’t like everything I see, but innovation is what makes the world go around. The early days of my shop was at the beginning of the VW craze. With no sand in our area, some of my guys took wrecked & worn out bugs and made wood runners out of them (now called: off-roaders) They looked like crap, but they had a blast

  6. crazy canuck

    WHAT? turn in your man cards , if you really traded the muscle truck for the bug. If its too loud yer too old. LOL

  7. Blue'67CamaroRS

    If the ‘canuck’ is referring to my post, reread it! I’m talking about the late 60’s, when such things (off roading) were just getting started. As for being too old, maybe, I’m 69, but Never too loud!! I have several vehicles in my stable (only eight are together and drivable) 5 have BBC’s including my ’68 Camaro 8.90 et Super Comp car that I still play with on the weekends. Maybe you should grow a nut or two before you start pointing fingers, idiot.

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