Strangely Awesome Video: Machining In Slow Motion Is Really Fun To Watch

Strangely Awesome Video: Machining In Slow Motion Is Really Fun To Watch

Every once in a while we run into a video that we start watching and kind go cannot stop. That’s this case with this gem which basically profiles machining in slow motion. It opens with a drill bit doing its work and then you will see all different kinds of machining operations being performed at a literal snails pace. To watch multi-axis machining stations doing their work with multiple tools and all of the features they have, we all revel at the speed in which they work but when you actually take it down to a minute level and see what is happening turn by turn, movement by movement, it actually gets more amazing.

For all the dumb junk and stupidity that human beings get themselves wrapped up in, we’re also capable of designing and creating the machines you will see working in the video. That same sentiment can be shared about the cameras used to film this stuff. The humongous numbers of frames per second, the clarity, and the compact size to do the job, and in some ways even more incredible technology than the CNC mills, they are amazing as well.

If you have no interest in watching stuff that will rot your brain today, dive head first into videos like this one and you’ll have a more fulfilling experience. It is an awesome watch that BangShifters will appreciate.

Press play below to watch machining in slow motion – trippy!

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2 thoughts on “Strangely Awesome Video: Machining In Slow Motion Is Really Fun To Watch

  1. chicokid

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing Brian. What’s really impressive is that they were dry-machining, obviously for filming purposes.

  2. john

    the feed and speeds are from machines built in the last 5yrs. you will never get a machine from the 50’s or 60’s to do that. the days of 2-3 axis machines are gone. nowadays its 10 axis. feed rates of 3000 inches a minute. that equals approx 1g of force. have to bolt the machines down now.


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