Horsepower or Horse Powered: Who Wins A The Pull? A Team Of 16 Belgian Draft Horses Or A Tractor?

Horsepower or Horse Powered: Who Wins A The Pull? A Team Of 16 Belgian Draft Horses Or A Tractor?

Tractors were developed to be mechanical horses. Ok, they were developed to be better than the horses that they replaced. While the mighty draft horse was a good right hand man for farmers spanning the millennia, they required food, rest, housing, care, shoes, and they had a bad habit of aging and dying as well. The mechanical tractor took care of many issues associated with using horses to to the job in the fields (but not all, they still died). That being said, we have an interesting video for you to cruise here. You are going to watch a vintage tractor hooked to a pulling sled and then you are going to watch a team of 16 beefy Belgian draft horses pull the same sled. Which do you think will do the better job?

Get a load of these animals when they come clopping by the camera. They are like the jacked-up body builders of the horse world. They are literally all muscle and when worked in a group…just wow. While we cannot say that we’re real nature freaks around here, this video gives us an appreciation for what genetics, breeding, and selectively tailoring ma nature for use in a specific job can do. Wow!

Press play below to see a team of draft horses take on a tractor at the pulls!

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6 thoughts on “Horsepower or Horse Powered: Who Wins A The Pull? A Team Of 16 Belgian Draft Horses Or A Tractor?

  1. KCR

    If you would like to see true Horse Power .Go see a real Horse pulling contest. An old friend of mine used to pull a pair of Belgians. He had to harness them and give them a work out every day.As he said they are athletes .They have to keep training .These “pulling” horses are not abused in any way.They are very well fed and cared for. A horse pulling contest is the greatest display of shear muscle power I have ever seen .If a county fair near were you live has a horse pulling contest this summer,go watch . Go see what “horse Power used to really mean .Pound for pound a draft horse is the most powerful animal on earth .I would bet 16 draft horses would out pull 3 of those tractors.Each horse weighs around a ton or so. a tractor like that maybe 5k or so. And a draft horse is as docile as a house cat.

  2. JP alias Caprimaster

    16 real horsepower…. If one horse equals one single BHP what we are doing our math with..
    That tractor engine was dying anyway so it was not weight related only..

    This is great. Must say Belgium Beer is very good also…

  3. KCR

    A very old farmer friend of mine told me years ago.His father traded in a pair of draft horses as down payment on a new tractor in the 20’s.They got the tractor stuck.Had to go back to town buy the horses to pull the tractor out of the mud.

  4. bill

    on the east coast, they mated the Holstein with a European cow(forgot the model) and they get giant looking Holsteins. they are over 7′ tall at the shoulders and out pull the horses. they are real mellow. no jumping around when they hook up.

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