The Tale Of Two Mid-$8,000 Craigslist Finds: Part One – The Cool Ramp Truck

The Tale Of Two Mid-$8,000 Craigslist Finds: Part One – The Cool Ramp Truck

It isn’t often that we come across two “share” worthy Craigslist finds in a single day that are priced within just a couple of hundred dollars of one another. Channing Ivey has the honor of tipping us off to this very cool 1973 Ford F-350 ramp truck that looks the business, packs a 460 for power, and is shown in the photos to be a worker, hauling a Ford station wagon on its slanted back. Adding to the bitchin’-ness of this truck is the fact that it is a legit crew cab so the whole family or all the smelly race crew can get in on the act and roll to the track with you.

Like everything else in life, this truck isn’t perfect. The seller seems like a stand up dude because he took photos of the whole thing and not just glory shots of the prettiest parts of the rig. The roof looks like it is hurting the worst here and since we don’t know these trucks all that well we’re not sure if that is a common area to see one rust and if said rusted area is a tell-tale sign there there is major issues afoot in the cab. The lower cab corner appears to have some rust as well and that is a seemingly tricky customer because of the close proximity of the best. We’re not slamming the truck, just mentioning the things that the seller thought potential buyers should see.

Here’s what the seller listed in the ad about the truck:

460 Engine
C-6 Auto Transmission
373 Lock Diff. Rear
Tilt Wheel
Cruise Control
Power Streeling
Power Disc Brakes
17.5 Foot Hodges Bed
Wagner Winch
Reese Rear Hitch
Alumium Wheels with Firestone Tires
Dual Gas Tanks
$8500.00 Firm Cash
Drive Home 

We think the $8500 price may be a little strong but we are also asking ourselves when the last time we saw a 1973 Ford F-350 ramp truck was and the answer may be when the Lagana family was hauling their top fuel dragster on one a decade or two ago. Rare piece but a total wet dream of any Ford guy who wants to haul his old racer to the track on something neat. What do you think?


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13 thoughts on “The Tale Of Two Mid-$8,000 Craigslist Finds: Part One – The Cool Ramp Truck

  1. craig b blue

    I know that truck! It hauled a SS/JA ’69 Camaro Pace Car to the Indy Nats….he still has the pace car & it’s restored

  2. craig b blue

    no it was upgraded to ’78 style with a grille change and it used to have a roof mounted ac unit, maybe that explains the rust

  3. Anthony

    I used to have the Matchbox car of that truck when I was a kid. That thing is awesome! Unfortunately I cant buy the real thing. The old lady is freaking out already when I showed it to her.
    The roof can be repaired. It is a lot of metal work to install a new roof but it is definatly doable. May as well chop the top an inch or two if your going to that.
    another thing is the underside prolly has rust on it also. No surprise though and I would expect it sell fast.

  4. Greg

    That Ford ramp truck is a real classic and not in too bad shape considering the age. My friend Jimmy had one similar after we graduated. The price seems a bit steep but there can’t be many out there.

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