This 1949 Studebaker 2R10 Truck Is Pure Original Stude From Front To Back – A Cool Workhorse Rarity!

This 1949 Studebaker 2R10 Truck Is Pure Original Stude From Front To Back – A Cool Workhorse Rarity!

If you like things that are good, you’ll really love this 1949 Studebaker 2R10 truck because it is a rare old Studebaker truck and secondly because it has not been corrupted, molested, or cross-bred with any other truck or manufacturer. There’s no Chevy engine in there, no weirdo transmission, or nothing out of sorts. That is a completely stock 1949 Studebaker 2R10 three quarter ton truck and it rules. The original flathead six and four speed transmission are in the rig and accounted for. In fact, virtually all of the spartan accommodations are present and the seller only lists a couple small things that are “wrong” with the thing like a speedo cable or something. Otherwise this is pure Studebaker trucking perfection.

You know that the only thing I really cherish purity in is old trucks. I don’t care about Chevy engines in Fords and all that kind of thing until we get to old trucks. Once we get to this part of the hobby, I like my rigs like they left the factory. I realize that is not everyone’s taste but it is mine and I am wielding the poison pen on this one so stand down! I’m not sure if the factory wheels were actually painted that color when the truck was new but if they weren’t they should have been! With the knobby tires on the rear and the smooth steer axles tires on the front the thing looks ready to go and haul some firewood out of the forest.

The interior has all the comfort of a Latvian prison but that was what trucks were in 1949. If they could have gotten away with selling them as bare frames they would have. This was a working rig for most of its life we bet and that’s what makes its survival and current form even neater. Someone saw it and decided to buy it for work around their home/farm/whatever and it lived through all that, teaching people to drive stick, and generally being abused to come here and find a suitable new home. Another chapter is going to be written in this interesting truck’s life.

Cool truck!


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4 thoughts on “This 1949 Studebaker 2R10 Truck Is Pure Original Stude From Front To Back – A Cool Workhorse Rarity!

  1. Luke Hall

    Anytime I think about how much truck I “need” I remember that my dad towed his Avanti from Chicago to Bonneville and all over the with a stude truck running a stude motor. Did the job…

    1. James Boos

      Stude trucks are hard to kill. My dad fully restored a 49 dump with his best bud back in the 70’s. It’s still clean and we still use it as a dump truck. Won’t stop running and with the gear/torque it can tow the earth.

  2. jeff

    Perfection. Although, it needs a vinyl seat and carpet delete to make it even more “trucky”.

  3. Patrick U

    As much as I like seeing other peoples Studebakers with Studebaker engines, mine definitely wont be seeing another one….

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