This 1965 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon Could Be The Nicest One In Existence

This 1965 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon Could Be The Nicest One In Existence

They are big, they are awesome, and they are rare. We’re talking about the Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon which was produced from 1954-1966 and in our eyes stands as the baddest ass SUV ever brought to market. Spartan and rough riding, these things were not built with the idea of easy parking at the soccer field. No, they were built with the idea that you were going to drive it home every day and home was the bottom of a gulch, a canyon, or down 50 miles of logging roads. When Dodge first started selling these and its brother the Town Panel they could be options for two or four wheel drive. The four wheel drives were way more popular so it soon became a 4×4 only model.

This particular 1965 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon could be the nicest one on the planet. It has been restored to better than factory condition and we cannot find a flaw on it, around it or in it. The seller claims that every inch of the truck is functional meaning that the four wheel drive works, the transmission shifts smoothly and the Poly V8 purrs like a kitten.

The truck was frame on restored and appears to need absolutely nothing to make it into a cruiser, car show entrant, and something you could really, really enjoy. We’d have to wheel it, however lightly if we owned it. We’re not talking king of the hammers here but you would have to take this thing out in the woods and have some fun, right? If for nothing else to be able to say you did it and put those Super Traction tires to the test!

Since Dodge seems to be on a kick of making awesome stuff these days, how about kicking a few more of these out? We’d be the first in line to have all of this goodness with some modern tires a stick and a Cummins in it.


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3 thoughts on “This 1965 Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon Could Be The Nicest One In Existence

  1. Eric

    Nice old truck thats been for sale for around 2 years. Nice to see the asking price is getting a little more reasonable.

    Back in April of 2015 the ask was 39k.

  2. Jase

    Nice truck but It seems overpriced by 10K. Maybe I am out to lunch, but old Dodge trucks do not command big $$ Especially if it is a \”driver.\”

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