This 1972 K5 Blazer Is An Unrestored Masterpiece – Someone’s 1970s Trail Rig, Three Pedals and All

This 1972 K5 Blazer Is An Unrestored Masterpiece – Someone’s 1970s Trail Rig, Three Pedals and All

Spotlights, slot mags, a winch, and a four speed. Those are the things that drew us like a moth into a fire for this 1972 K5 Blazer. The rig looks like it was someone’s trail runner or maybe it was some sort of off-road recovery/rescue vehicle at one time. This truck definitely has some stories to tell. We’re not sure what was pulling it around but it had to have been something pretty awesome to have a full sized Blazer rolling behind it across the country. Was it being towed behind an RV or is it possible that this thing would have been towed behind a fire apparatus or other rig to a scene where people may have needed to get into the woods? The bright red paint, all the lights, and the winch point to an interesting direction for us but we’re not quite sure what that direction is.

The real kickers on this truck for us are the facts that it appears unrestored and nearly 100% factory stock. Yes, someone added a stockish looking dual exhaust to the truck but the engine compartment shows no signs of molestation other than the presence of an aftermarket Edelbrock carb in place of the factory Quadrajet that would have been there. We’re not 100% sure how common or rare it was to see one of these trucks in the four speed trim it has here but we love it. The stick for the transferase and the gear lever rise from the floor right next to each other and the three pedals under the dash rule the school.

As much as we dig the look of this thing with the top on, we truly love it with the top off. Rolling down the road with the family in this one would be huge fun and frankly we wouldn’t change a damned thing about this truck other than the oil. You?

Check out the photos below and then hit the link to see the eBay ad –

blazer1 blazer2 blazer3 blazer4 blazer5 blazer7


Click here to see the full eBay ad for this 1972 K5 Blazer

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4 thoughts on “This 1972 K5 Blazer Is An Unrestored Masterpiece – Someone’s 1970s Trail Rig, Three Pedals and All

  1. sbg

    I like removeable – top blazers, but they’re just too wide a tool to run around here… but I do like them, and that is an excellent example of one.

  2. Threedoor

    I e got that bumper in my collection. Mine was originally Army green. Anyone know what it’s originally off of?

  3. CyberRanger

    (FYI, I have a ’71 K-10 sitting outside my father bought new & I have driven it since ’78. Have had the title since ’90).

    There are a number of OEM items missing. That is not the OEM radio. Part of the front fenders below the trim ahead of the wheel well have been chopped off. Those wheels are not OEM. It does appear to have been garaged b/c the color is correct. My uncle had a ’72 Blazer this exact color with the same interior. The gauges are all OEM. Not sure what the holes on the inside of the heater box are for. I’m betting the OEM A/C has been modified. There’s a lot right with this, but there’s also a lot that takes away from a premium price of $25K.

  4. C.M. Bendig

    The RPO label in the glovebox would say what the original transmission was, and if it was a Factory A/C truck the rpo would be C60

    I want to hazard that it originally came with a 3 speed M/t or a SM420/461 Low+3 M/T.

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