This 1975 Ford F-350 Dually Has A Dump Bed And Combines Utility With Old School Cool

This 1975 Ford F-350 Dually Has A Dump Bed And Combines Utility With Old School Cool

There is nothing finer in the world than a truck that combines coolness with utility and this 1975 Ford F-350 Explorer package rig, complete with a dump bed does just that. Clean as a whistle and still sporting the rectangular hood ornament that  we don’t think has survived the test of time on any other 1975 Ford F-350 Explorer model, we’re pretty much in love with this red rig. With the egg crate grill, square headlights, and what looks like it could be a 390 under the hood, this is a 1970s Ford truck lover’s dream. It has been painted at some point because being an Explorer package truck it should have a stripe package on it but there are no stripes running across the hood and down the sides of the body and bed.

The dump bed is pretty cool and it looks like a basic setup with a big Haldex pump that is filling the single piston that lifts the bed. The photos of the truck with the bed raised give a good look at the cab corners and frame, both of which seem to be in good nick. The inside of the bed itself is made of diamond plate so you can have no worries about throwing rocks, concrete, sand, or whatever else you want into that dumping bed, it’ll handle it without a whimper.

Currently the truck does not have a rear bumper and wed think about a roll pan back there. Obviously whatever it is needs to allow the dump bed to do its thing so maybe a roll pan integrated into the bottom of the bed would be the way to make it both clean and functional back there. Inside the cab there’s a JC Whitney seat cover over what we guess is a bombed out bench seat. The rest of the cab looks like it is in pretty amazing shape for being 40 years old at this point. We were hoping to see a transfer case lever and a gear shift on the floor of this truck but there’s neither. This is a 2WD/automatic combo.

We’d put a stroker big block in it, an overdrive transmission, and have a hot rodded dump bed pickup to wow the ladies with. That’s a winning plan right there.


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8 thoughts on “This 1975 Ford F-350 Dually Has A Dump Bed And Combines Utility With Old School Cool

    1. jeff

      Definitely a Windsor. Can’t really see the deck height too well, but definitely a 302 or 351.

  1. Russell

    I think the grill is a newer 78/79 75 should have had round head lights. The newer fender flairs clash with the dent side. How many adapters are on that brake line!

  2. Robert

    Definitely a Windsor not the beloved FE and It’s a 3speed on the column truck. Not an automatic. there are 3 pedals in that floor board

    1. Duckie

      In the eBay listing there’s a better view of the column and you can see it’s an auto so it might have had a granny in it from the factory… It also looks like the distributor goes straight into the block like a 351c/351m/400m or a 460 but it’s hard to say.

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