This Massive Suburban Is For Sale In Florida (We Know) And It Could Be Yours!

This Massive Suburban Is For Sale In Florida (We Know) And It Could Be Yours!

For $19,000 or any reasonable offer you could own this huge “Suburban” for yourself. What are the advantages to the huge Suburban that appears to be mounted on a Top Kick chassis and running gear? For starters it is way bigger than a stock Suburban. Next up, the fuel mileage is guaranteed to be worse, it is probably slower, and when it comes to replacing tires you can expect to be paying more by like a factor of 10. That’s not to say we hate this thing, because we don’t. There’d be some real visual impact rolling up to the local high end supermarket in this guy and trying to wedge it into a space between a mini-van and an suv while simultaneously crushing a Prius.

It seems that the only entry and egress points are the front doors as they have an additional step to climb in on. The back doors have no such steps so unless you are an Olympic caliber high jumper or pole vaulter you are going to need climbing rope and a helmet to make the ascent into the truck. The engine is a Caterpillar 3208 and it is hooked to an automatic transmission. The giant roof mounted “turbo” wing is a nice ‘truckin’ touch that must go over well with the ladies.

We’re not sure how long the seller has had the truck on the market but it seems like he’s been trying to move the beast for a while. Why do we think that? Here’s the extent of the ad:

1st off im in florida its has a 3208 cat diesel with a allison air breaks, bag, horns, this truck is huge open to all offers send your # for more info
Usually when someone has entered the “open to all offers” stage of the sales game, they’ve been at it for a while. I like the idea of this thing but I am not sure I would like to own it. The shock and awe factor would wear off and then you’d basically have a four door Top Kick that only the front two doors are usable on anyway. I am a medium duty truck guy at my burning core (Goliath, Brutus the wrecker) but I am just not sure that this is my jam. 
Would you buy it? What would you do with it?
Thanks to Bryan and Fred for the tips on this one!
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16 thoughts on “This Massive Suburban Is For Sale In Florida (We Know) And It Could Be Yours!

  1. Geoff Nilson

    He’s selling it. I am guessing he is regretting the folly of his ways. The body is just too high off the chassis and looks really stupid from the rear.

  2. weasel 1

    i am a fan of big trucks, but this one is just to far over the top. i think it would have turned out better with the topkick body on the suburban chassis

    1. joebogey

      That’s what I was thinking as soon as I saw it, put the Top Kick hood on a lifted Suburban. If you look at the fourth photo it looks like they hung the Suburban frame over the Top Kick frame and just welded in spacers.

  3. Marcus

    I like it. Sure it’s a little odd, but it would draw a nice crowd over by the WalMarts, at truck pulls and mud races, maybe cruiser shows. Not for everyday use, but what the heck.

  4. threedoor

    Body gap fail, it should sit a whole foot shorter and would if they used the right hood off of a 2 ton instead of a 5 ton.

  5. 944tim

    19k? you could probably part it out and make a profit.
    take off the wing so it’s not so gaudy, more ‘sophisticated’ like….

  6. Paul

    Brian- I love this thing. I am looking for a new ride for the family. If it is for the family I might not need to get rid of another toy…

    Do you think I can get the wife to go for it? She rode in Goliath once and never will again.

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