This Six Wheel Dodge Pleasure Palace Could Be All Yours For Just $3,000!

This Six Wheel Dodge Pleasure Palace Could Be All Yours For Just $3,000!

Ever looked at a 1980 Dodge conversion van and thought, “This bitch needs another axle.” You probably haven’t because you’re not on the level that the person who built this van was on when they did it. You weren’t there when they installed the 200 (approximately) linear feet of bench seating, the wooden table, or the sixteen miles of string lighting inside the passenger compartment, or as we think it is called, “the sin bin”. Chrome wheels, nice paint, the turning radius of the Queen Mary, what else could you want? Performance? Got it covered.

Power is being produced in buckets by a venerable 360ci Dodge V8 that has been hopped up with headers and dual exhaust. You’re probably looking at about 200hp to burn tires and move this vanimal down the road like a JATO rocket is strapped to the roof. More realistically, it will probably take somewhere between 20 and 30 seconds to reach highway speeds. Loaded with a bevy of beauties it may be longer.

We see the perfect buyer for this van as someone who has the drive and ambition to be a cult leader but no vehicle to attract and transport his flock with. With this six wheeled van you come out with a home, a bus, a chapel, and a dance club. When the sun goes down and you flip the switch on those accent lights, the party starts. Once that happens, all bets are off. It is part of the vanning lifestyle and owning this machine puts you at the epicenter of the vanning lifestyle.

There are only a couple of photos, but they tell the story perfectly.


van1 van2 van3


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27 thoughts on “This Six Wheel Dodge Pleasure Palace Could Be All Yours For Just $3,000!

  1. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

    Sweet creepin Jaysus. But for some reason, oddly appealing. Maybe I should lay off the beer for breakfast?

    1. Themaninthemoon

      I’d turn it into a James Bond Mobile, with making it floatable. Or with a pop-up turret with twin mini gatlin guns, heat seeking missiles, flares, & target activated radar, ….

  2. Scott Liggett

    Imagine rolling up to the Studio 54 in this thing…….maybe a better description would docking at Studio 54.

  3. Greg Rourke

    Thinking out loud here….Brian and Chad rolling into events in this. Resplendent in their open-to-the-navel silk shirts, gold chains, Afros, cuffed baggies and platform shoes. BangShift logos on the van of course. Just what’s needed to class up this joint.

  4. 440 6Pac

    Aw come on now, are y’all jealous?
    Personally, I wouldn’t touch it or any other van like it with a ten foot pole.

  5. Mark C.

    I’m gonna need a case of Lysol and 18 bottles of Febreze, maybe a Christmas tree air freshener and I’m there!

  6. curt

    I love it!!!!, reminds me of my dodge show van that was all murals, candies, flames, chrome and lights. those were some very FUN times, Van -in’s were an amazing party, lots of BooBs, beer and recreational activity, sure miss the 70’s-80’s.

  7. Whelk

    Looks like he lengthened it too. You could strip out and redo the interior to make it a dandy little camper.

  8. O Chrisman

    It’s awesome in a weird way. I would drive it. But I tend to drive things slightly off the norm anyway. Won’t ever catch me in a Toyota Crapme.

  9. Shannon

    Dude, if this thing doesn’t have “Shaggin’ Waggin'” written all over it, I don’t know what does.

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