This Video Compilation Of Big Trucks Taking On Rivers And Winning Is Awesome

This Video Compilation Of Big Trucks Taking On Rivers And Winning Is Awesome

It is a Saturday and this is a Saturday type video. We ran across this collection of big rigs from around the world taking on rivers and winning. We don’t care who you are, how tough you are or how grizzled a driver you are, a few of these must have had some serious butt pucker factor. While the majority of the crossings are new to us and likely new to you, couple of them have been shown here before. From water pushing up over the windshield to currents ready to sweep this big trucks down river at a moment’s notice, lots can go bad when you cannot see the road before you and you have no idea how deep the particular crossing is. That’s why the best option is to find a bridge. Now, in the majority of these situations there likely isn’t a bridge for a day’s drive in either direction so sacking up and hammering down are the only choices to make.

Guts, balls, prayer, and whatever else was with the drivers in these snippets. Without any of that stuff they’d all likely STILL be sitting on the side of a river in the jungle, the Russian wilderness, or elsewhere. Remember, if you are ever approaching a situation involving standing water that you cannot see the bottom of in your personal vehicle, stop! Most of these big trucks draw their air from locations high enough that they would not get a mouth of water. The same cannot be said for your daily driver, pickup truck, or hot rod.

This is fun to watch but we’re not thinking you want to try and make the next episode.

Press play below to see big trucks from around the world confront the elements!

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