Video: Proof That The King Of The Hammers 2014 Is The Most Bat Crap Nuts Off Road Race In The World

Video: Proof That The King Of The Hammers 2014 Is The Most Bat Crap Nuts Off Road Race In The World

We linked you to the live stream of the 2014 King Of The Hammers event in Johnson Valley, California and have been telling you how full on crazy it is for years but this single clip may do more to spread the message than anything we can actually say. We have to give you some background info first, though. This video was taken on one of the most difficult and violent portions of the course called, “Backdoor”. The trail requires competitors to scale a dried up waterfall, huge boulders, and in the eyes of any sane, normal person presents a wasteland that is completely impassible. To KOH competitors, it looks like a path through the woods lines with daisies…or the souls of previous failed racers.

KOH is kind of the ultimate in kill or be killed racing because on sections like Backdoor if your junk breaks down, you have to leave it and the truck becomes part of the course. If is NOT uncommon to see guys literally running over dead trucks or using them to their advantage around obstacles. Competitors are allowed to get their broken junk when the race is over, in the dark, and with their own wits and guile as tools. Fun times!

Anyway, in this clip we see a scene that we’ve not encountered at this event before. One racer encounters another who is trying to winch up a touch obstacle. The winching truck is blocking the preferred line on the path and the guy with the functional truck is losing time trying to figure a gentle way around. Ditching the “gentle” part of a plan, the driver of the second buggy goes all in, hauls ass around the outside of the wounded machine, drives over or through the winch line the downed buggy was using and nearly barrel rolls in the process. The guy who made the passing move is interviewed and he seems pretty OK with how that went. We’d have no color in our face and we’d just make the old “Hummina-Hummina-Hummina” noise that the cartoon characters used to make after getting hit with a 2×4 or something. Driving over a winch line and keeping on the move is the “whatever it takes” attitude that KOH was built from and continues to crow because of.


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3 thoughts on “Video: Proof That The King Of The Hammers 2014 Is The Most Bat Crap Nuts Off Road Race In The World

  1. GuitarSlinger

    Sorry … but as ‘ bad crap ‘ as these guys may be … the freaking totally out of their minds bad assed Off Road lunatics in Iceland on a ‘ fun ‘ run ‘ makes this look a bit tame in comparison .

    When it comes to Off Road mania … Iceland Rules … hands down


    1. scrambled

      Formula guys from Iceland are bad ass but until they start traveling over 100 mph between multiple obstacles, hour after hour, in the same day, they don’t win anything “hands down”

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