Watch This Fully Restored And Regularly Flown P-51 Mustang Test Out Its .50 Caliber Machine Guns – This Is Awesome

Watch This Fully Restored And Regularly Flown P-51 Mustang Test Out Its .50 Caliber Machine Guns – This Is Awesome

There are few people in the world that own operational P-51 Mustangs. Those that do own them did not just fall into them by some sort of happy accident. Nope, those men and women are captains of industry. You’ve got Jack Roush who has done the water landing deal a time or two in his and the rest of a small but elite group of enthusiasts that have theirs. While we can’t speak on this for certain, we’re going out on a limb to suggest that very few of these planes have functional .50 caliber machine guns in their wings like Twilight Tear does. It is cool to see this plane pulled onto some sort of firing range and then burst firing the guns at a massive paper target down range.

Today, the P-51 Mustang and its machine guns seem almost quaint. The amazing advancements in technology that have been applied to war planes really define the countries on the bleeding edges of building them. This plane was a full on killer in its day and the legend of the P-51 Mustang will be told as long as the world has an appetite for it. You did not want to be a guy in a helpless supply convoy when these airplanes showed up. Diving at steep angles with the guns roaring, they did some of the hardest work in the entire war. With Merlin power, they were fearsome killer hot rods in the sky.

Outside of period WWII films, we have never seen a P-51 Mustang firing off its guns. We have to imagine that the rounds of ammunition are not cheap and as you will see, this guy spends a bunch of them. We dig the veritable waterfall of shell casings raining out from the bottom of the wings. There are areas of Europe where it is still not uncommon to run into .50 caliber shell casings just below the surface of the ground. Believe it or not, this isn’t the only warbird story we have for you today. Stay tuned. More coolness on the way



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8 thoughts on “Watch This Fully Restored And Regularly Flown P-51 Mustang Test Out Its .50 Caliber Machine Guns – This Is Awesome

    1. Tiger

      Hi Cindy,Do i need a lamp or does resin dry even without sun? I cant find uv resin anywhere. I saw a set of colored resin soemhwere, but no clear resin. What exactly should i look for?Marion

  1. claymore

    something not right here “Hard Points” for mounting ANY KIND of armament, including .50 cal machine guns, on CIVILIAN AIRCRAFT is a major violation of the law in several categories under several different agencies including the ATF, FAA etc.

    1. claymore

      Citizens CAN own .50cal machine guns by themselves with the correct procedure followed at the ATF but the mounting of them on aircraft is NOT included under any type of licensing or permissions.

      NON-Operational replicas that use fuel of some type or compressed air are ok WITHOUT “Hard Points” intended for operational machine guns. These are what is normally seen “Firing” at air shows or civilian fighter pilot “Training schools”

      1. ratso

        that’s cool !!! needed at all of the BS protests around…talk about crowd control, just mow em down !!

      2. Minerva

        Wow! Visste ikke at de hadde begynt med en "clean" linje. Liker snittet p̴ den gr̴ t-shirten Рin my alley! Takk for oppdateringen! :)Svaret er Malct!

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