Watch This Monster Durango Go For Airborne Gold

Watch This Monster Durango Go For Airborne Gold

Try, try, and try again. That’s what our mothers kept telling us when we were wanting to give up from repeated failure, in the hopes that if we pushed the limits one more time that we would succeed. It’s a fine sentiment, except there’s always one kid that had to take it too far and ended up with skinned knees. Ever wondered what he grew up to be?

In this case, the owner of this monster-mudder Dodge Durango went off the deep end when it came to jumping his rig. After several successful low-end hops off of a small hill, he decides to go for broke and sends the former soccer-mom mobile a very healthy distance into the sky. The landing isn’t smooth, but it could’ve gone a lot worse, especially with all of the broken parts left over.

Click play below to watch this Durango give it one hell of a go! (CAUTION: One NSFW word can be heard well.)

(Thanks to Scott Brown for the tip!)

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