Racing Junk Find: This 1972 Dodge Colt Wagon Is A Low 11-Second Bracket Bomber From Mopar Heaven

Racing Junk Find: This 1972 Dodge Colt Wagon Is A Low 11-Second Bracket Bomber From Mopar Heaven

Dodge Colts are cool for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you don’t see them all that often. Secondly, they have interesting history in the sport of drag racing and were found in Pro Stock and Competition Eliminator during the 1970s. The fact that this one is a wagon kicks it up into another class of coolness that we haven’t even named yet so you can come up with that yourself. We love this car because it has a 340ci small block, it looks really clean, and it runs in the low 11s according to its seller. We have no idea how long it has been a race car but we don’t think it spent too much time on the road because the body is near perfect and the dashboard looks factory fresh. There’s no cracking or degradation visible in the smallish photos provided with the Racing Junk ad. Oh, and if those are factory seats…no one has ever sat in this car before. They look perfect!

Here’s what the seller says in the ad:

1972 Dodge Colt wagon with a 340 small block 904 trans with brake 8 3/4 rear end with a 4.10 gear acd air shifter digital 6 box. Car has been a race car for most of its life. Unique little bracket car perfect for no box class. Car runs low 11’s

Sure, it isn’t some crazy zooty thing with all kinds of history and a litany of famous drivers that spent time behind the wheel but that does not bother us. The slot mags out back combined with the Cragar Super Tricks up front, the lack of tubs, and the reality that this thing could be setup with a 275 radial under it and put back on the street  makes this a flipping awesome piece. We’d pay the $5,500 asking price all day long if we had it to spend.

Thanks to Big Dad for the tip!


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CLICK HERE to see the RacingJunk ad

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3 thoughts on “Racing Junk Find: This 1972 Dodge Colt Wagon Is A Low 11-Second Bracket Bomber From Mopar Heaven

  1. Nick D.

    Somebody near me had a ’79 Colt sedan for sale for $1900 that had a 12A rotary and an RX7 5-speed swapped in. It just needed a driveshaft to be driveable. I was real tempted to go grab it, put a Weber carb and header on it and do some 10000rpm powershifts

  2. 440 6Pac

    I bought a Colt a few years ago with the idea of making a dragcar out if it. The building I had it stored in was struck by lighting and and burned down. Everything in it was destroyed.

  3. geo815

    I remember a pink Colt that ran at Englishtown in the 80’s. Don’t know what it had for an engine, but I remember it sounded like a pissed off chainsaw on a serious nitro diet. The sound pierced ears like nobody’s business. I can’t remember how slow/quick it ran, but I’ve loathed 4-bangers ever since. The 340 seems to be the better way to go. Nice.

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