Watch A Syracuse, Utah Dad Use His Lifted Ram To Stop A Crazed Driver From Running Over Kids At A Park

Watch A Syracuse, Utah Dad Use His Lifted Ram To Stop A Crazed Driver From Running Over Kids At A Park

(Words by Bryan McTaggart) – A fourteen year old decided that he would grab the keys to his grandfather’s Hyundai Veloster and go driving around Syracuse, Utah like he was used to doing on Grand Theft Auto. After gaining the attention of authorities, getting caught bombing through a public park rally-style, with children scrambling to get out of the way, Syracuse resident Bryson Rowley had enough and grabbed his own keys.

A few minutes later, as the teen rounded the corner near Rowley’s house, Rowley stuffed his 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 straight into the nose of the Veloster, bringing a swift end to the teen’s joyride. Pictures from the scene showed the damage to the two vehicles: The Hyundai’s nose crumpled, the Ram with a scored bumper and broken grille. Rowley’s explanation for his vigilante action was that he had anticipated the Veloster making another trip through the park where the kids were, and chose to put his truck in the way rather than risk anyone getting hurt.

The teen was taken to a juvenile detention center, and Diesel Trucks For Sale, a Facebook page, is donating a set of Fusion bumpers and LED lights as a reward for putting his truck in harm’s way for public safety. While common sense and most law enforcement agencies would not recommend doing what Rowley did, the truth is that the correct actions by good people are sometimes better than just sitting and waiting for the cops. We at thank Rowley for doing what was right, and thank Diesel Trucks For Sale for stepping up to make looking at the Ram’s bumper bearable until the new one arrives.


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9 thoughts on “Watch A Syracuse, Utah Dad Use His Lifted Ram To Stop A Crazed Driver From Running Over Kids At A Park

  1. TheSilverBuick

    BAM! Ended that run. The car and truck were moving quite a bit faster than I expected from the photo. Stopped the car cold in it’s tracks though. The kid got a nice first hand experience how grand theft auto plays out in real life.

  2. Falcon67

    The second pic leads to a news story – some of the comments following the story/video are pretty scary themselves. Way to go Dad! If I was his insurance company, I’d pay for that fix 100%.

  3. Burner303

    It’s a good thing he hit his mark. Imagine if he had missed the Hyundai, and ended up blocking the cruisers or hitting one of them, he would have been arrested charged.


    If you watch the news story, they mentioned that the pursuit was called off due to the threat to safety of the public. They were just kinda following at the point of the truck collision and not really giving chase.

  5. 440 6pac

    Give that dad a metal. He’s a hero as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand make that little brat stand in front of a speeding car.

  6. Powerstroke

    Glad that he had the sense to do the right thing. Pat him on the back and give him a heartfelt Thank You. Life ain’t no video game and you won’t get any retrys when you or someone else dies. OVER IS OVER. PERIOD.

  7. cyclone03

    Although I am 100% on the Truck drivers side…….

    He’s [email protected]#$%d, the kids parents will own him in court. It’s going to take a very high dollar lawyer to beat the ambulance chaser that brats parents will have beating down there door ,for free.

    The Truck guy needs a lawyer that still believes what he told himself about being a lawyer before law school, and he needs that guy to have a huge team working for him, and he needs to be billed a flat rate of $1 for his defense.

    I hate I think like this, but in this day,in our country, doing the right thing often has zero reward……unless you lie.

    “I was on my way to the store, as I turned the corner that little car hit me”.
    ” No I didn’t know that car had passed by before” I just woke from my nap”
    “Hope the young man is ok ”

    ” I hit my head I think I need medical help”, can you call me an ambulance , as I sit on the curb cupping my head.

  8. cyclone03

    OK maybe ” I was protecting the lives of my family ” is all he needs.

    I hope so.

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