American Tough: Watch This Old Cop-Spec Crown Vic Handle Moab Off-Roading

American Tough: Watch This Old Cop-Spec Crown Vic Handle Moab Off-Roading

If there is one thing that the internet has exposed us to over the last few decades it is video proof of stories that no one in their right mind would have ever believed before. This is one of those stories and lots of people have been able to tell it. What you are going to see below is a series of videos that were all made by different people but they all show the same guy in the same white Ford Crown Vic driving nonchalantly through the famed Moab off road trail that one would think is restricted to four wheel drives, Jeeps, and things of that nature. This dude is a boss. These were not shot on the same day or anything like that. They were all grabbed by different people but the common reaction is the same. Absolute awe. But should it be?

Remember, we have showed you video in the past of Corvairs being driven through the Darien Gap and other accomplishments being made by cars that you’d expect would by doomed six feet into the journey. Hell, the Top Gear guys adventured themselves through South America in stuff like a freaking Mustang Mach 1, right? In a world where four by four trucks have become insanely capable due to stuff like electronic differentials, tire technology, and other advancements, we look at cars like wimpy little things but when driven properly and by someone who knows the terrain, they can do stupidly awesome things (as shown here!).

This is a guy who clearly knows how to drive and understands the basic principles of off-road vehicle operation. He also very clearly knows the real estate that he’s traversing. That is no more clear than in the video below where he is coming down Baby Lion’s Back and into what looks to be a small pond. A Jeep is shown fording the thing thing and it looks like doomsday for the rather low-slung Crown Vic (did we just say that?). Like the expert that he is, this guy manages to drive the Ford on a line through the water that keeps it about mid-hubcap height and then continues on is merry way.

We’re not saying that this is a good idea. We’re not telling you to try it. We are telling you that this guy is a boss and he likely gets off on the shocked, stunned, and stupefied reaction from Jeep owners when he either passes them on the trail or makes it up obstacles in one shot that it may take them multiple attempts at. Good driving can get you very far in this world…literally.

Press play below to see this older guy dominate Moab in a Ford Crown Vic –

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