A Giant 1951 International Truck Capsizes in a Pond!

A Giant 1951 International Truck Capsizes in a Pond!

Another one?! That’s what you are saying. After we showed you the monster truck go wheels up on the beach a little while back we figured that you’d want to see another behemoth of a truck reduced to a floating diving platform after the owner decided to take it “boating”.

Big giant trucks with lots of big giant tires should float, and don’t get us wrong, this huge 1951 International, which wears eight tires does, but not in the way the guys who drove it into the pond had hoped. In the 1980s monster trucks would slap eight tires on and go mogate around a body of water. Apparently, it is harder than it looks as these good old boys found out.

It seems everyone stayed in good spirits throughout this ordeal and the old truck probably didn’t need too much fussing to get working again, but you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty funny when the truck goes boobs up and the last guy clinging to the side has to abandon ship! Why do this with a big truck? Who the hell knows. This thing has probably conquered every mud pit in the state and they were looking for the next big challenge. Either that or they were training to get their submarine¬†boating license.

Put your snorkle in your mouth and press play!

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