Would You Rather: The 1990’s Pro Street Truck Edition

Would You Rather: The 1990’s Pro Street Truck Edition

Do you ever look at photos of trucks online, or see one on craigslist, that just takes you back in time and makes you think about all the stuff you used to think was cool? Remember when lowered trucks, sport trucks, became the thing and thanks to folks like Chris Alston’s Chassisworks you could throw a giant tire under the rear. Pro Street sport trucks became a thing, even if most of them had the same power as stock and couldn’t spin those giant Mickey Thompson Sportsman’s if they tried.

With that said, there were also guys taking square body Chevy’s and doing the same treatment to them, but with less concern for the modern engines and transmissions. So which one would you want? If you had your choice, between the two hot rod big tire sport trucks below, which one would you choose?

pro-street-square-body-chevy-1 obs-pro-street-chevy-2

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3 thoughts on “Would You Rather: The 1990’s Pro Street Truck Edition

  1. Big Sky Dreamer

    Blue! lt looks better built. l think the other truck just has deep wheels & a narrower axle & really isnt tubbed with the frame cut.

  2. Floating doc

    I daily an 88 Silverado c2500. I like the blue one, also.

    I had 73 Cheyenne with a 454. Fun truck, very quick, but the next generation 88 is a big improvement.

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