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More Auction News: The “Easy Rider” Chopper Is Headed To The Block

More Auction News: The “Easy Rider” Chopper Is Headed To The Block

Apparently this year’s theme at the major auctions is “celebrity attachment”. First there was the John Wayne Pontiac wagon, then the Rolls-Royce that was given to Johnny Cash by ABC. Now, one of the most iconic motorcycles in existence is going across the block. Ladies and gentlemen, “Captain America”, the Easy Rider chopper that was ridden by Peter Fonda is going up for auction.


“Captain America” started life as a 1951 Harley-Davidson FL. There were two identical bikes built to play “Captain America” during filming of Easy Rider, and this is the only remaining, the other one having been stolen prior to the wrap of filming. This is the bike that is burning in the final scene of the film. Actor Dan Haggerty saved the bike and started restoring it, but did not complete the bike and sold it. Dave Ohrt finished up the restoration for the anonymous buyer, who had the bike out on loan to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.

The current expectation is that the bike will fetch at least $1 million dollars at auction, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the American Humane Association, a favorite charity of Peter Fonda’s. “Captain America” is expected to cross the block at Profiles in History on October 18th, 2014.


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2 thoughts on “More Auction News: The “Easy Rider” Chopper Is Headed To The Block

  1. C1BAD66

    I can’t imagine John Parham of J & P Cycles and the museum ever wanting to lose possession of this scooter!

    As with a lot of uber-rare cars, when a private collector gets ahold of them, they’re gone from public viewing forever or until they’re sold again.

    Dale Walksler of “What’s In The Barn?” likely can afford it and has his own public museum, “Wheels Over Time”, back east. ‘Bet he’ll be a bidder.

    Whoever copped the other bike sure has done an excellent job of hiding it for 45 years, too. That’s assuming it wasn’t parted out… I have associates deeply embedded in the custom bike world. I’ve never heard even a rumor to its status.

    If the bidding gets too crazy, maybe Jay Leno will come outa left field, buy it, and put it out on loan to the aforementioned museums on a rotating basis.

    ‘Wonder if the “Billy” bike will go on the block, too.

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