Ebay Find: Who Needs A Giant 1980’s Chevrolet Dump Truck?

Ebay Find: Who Needs A Giant 1980’s Chevrolet Dump Truck?

This was just too cool to pass up. Oddly, I found it while hunting mid-80s El Caminos, so someone at eBay has a sick sense of humor. This is a 1981 Chevrolet C-series dump truck with all of the modifications required for working off-road in wet conditions or in places where having a gigantic footprint is a really good thing, like loose soils and sand. I’m not paying attention to any of that…this thing looks like the adult-sized R/C Truck that I dreamed of as a little kid. I don’t exactly share Brian’s obsession over trucks, but this is one I could certainly get behind. It’s a damn shame that the truck technically isn’t street legal, because bringing the kids to school one day in this rig would certainly get Mrs. Smith’s Lexus SUV moving out of your way in a hurry.


The truck is powered by, of all things, a 350. Really? A small-block Chevy? One of two engines needs to be in this truck: if you’re truly work-minded, ANY diesel worth mentioning. But I’m not a rational human being in the least. I want a 468 breathing with an iron lung on top shoving tons of torque through the 8-speed manual transmission and out to those 66″ tires in the back. This would screw with some heads at the local mud bog, wouldn’t it?


The truck is on eBay, and the current bid is $4,500. I know it’s the least-rational purchase I’ve put up in…well, um…at least the last week. But c’mon…gigantic dump truck! To hell with rationality, it’s time to go mess with commuters. You know you want to…

To see this heavy Chevy’s eBay listing, CLICK HERE.



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6 thoughts on “Ebay Find: Who Needs A Giant 1980’s Chevrolet Dump Truck?

    1. Bryan McTaggart Post author

      If it didn’t have the kit for floatation-style tires, sure. It’s basically a C-60 dump truck. In it’s current configuration, at minimum it’s a wide load, if not illegal for the street.

    2. Bob

      This truck looks like one of the trucks they used to have to spray fertilizer or weed control on fields in Indiana only with the tank and sprayers removed and a dump bed installed. They used to drive them on the roads there all the time. They may have had to have a special permit, IDK.

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