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BangShift Question of the Day: Who is the biggest Villain in Racing History?

BangShift Question of the Day: Who is the biggest Villain in Racing History?

After following up on the Evan Knoll story yesterday and getting to thinking about”bad guys” in the world of racing, we started coming up with a pretty decent mental list. From devious and dubious drivers, to team owners and sponsors who have ended up in varying levels of prison, racing sure has produced its fair share of crooks, jerks, and wrong doers.

We’re not limiting this to just American racing, so think worldwide. There have been plenty of unsavory people involved in the world of Formula One and other international series, although our homespun American jail birds are more familiar to us. Even looking at sponsors, there are some real winners in there. If you are a drag racing fan, you may remember a company called eMax that signed on as the multi-year series sponsor of the IHRA back in 2006. The company, a sort of weird entertainment holding organization started flaking on commitments shortly after the ink dried on the contract, leaving the sanctioning body in a real luch for cash.

Today’s question of the day: Who is the biggest villain in racing? Think big and don’t just limit yourself to specific individuals. Bad sponor deals, owners, etc should all be included! 

Dick Dastardly!



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48 thoughts on “BangShift Question of the Day: Who is the biggest Villain in Racing History?

    1. Birdman

      Agreed, though Kyle has shown greater maturity of late. Kurt? He needs to move back to the trailer park until he can prove that he can play nice with the big boys.

  1. paul cervenka

    Any of the scum that walked away from their unpaid bills and trashed everyone else involved in running the racecar. The www isn’t big enough to list all the names.

  2. Grippo

    Pro Mod/Top Fuel driver and owner Mike Ashley recently had run in with the Goverment over some questionable mortage practices. I see he is back at it in Top Fuel. Guess he got it straightened out.

    Gene Snow was into some wierd Sandusky-esque shit too…Pleaded guilty and got some probation, if I recall correctly.

  3. Davey

    I grew up with Gene Snow as my hero. That all went to hell when I found out he was found guilt on pedofile charges…

    Wayne County Speed shop and the “never proven” nitrous use and then the highly suspect break in comes to mind.

    1. Maxcackle

      And the “unproven” Summit nitrous backfires immediately preceding their fall from total, record setting domination. The real villain is the NHRA providing the break in and cover ups for both incidents in order to save face.

  4. Turbo Regal

    Tony George has done more to kill open wheel racing in the US and well as to turn the legendary Indy 500 into nothing more than a spec race and Memorial Day into NASCAR”s Day.

  5. JOKER

    Mike Ashley should be in jail. The FEDS have been after him and the people he b**t f*****d are after him for his part in faking mortgages. I hope he has a kevlar vest under his firesuit! he doesnt DESRVE to be a part of drag racing in any capacity

  6. Scott Smith

    This one is easy,,,TOM COMPTON. He’s doing everything he can to destroy NHRA. 1000 ft racing sucks, Burns the grass roots racers, Does nothing to promote the professional sport of Drag Racing to the young masses.

    1. Ed

      I’ll second this one. NHRA really went to hell when he took over. I could only stand the stupidity for a few years before I gave up on NHRA and never looked back.

  7. Don

    This list is wau long but two of the worst lately are Andy Morocco who screwed a ton of people with his so-called new drag strip in Banning.

    Another in the top 10 is Bill Chapman. If you never heard of him that’s a good thing because he broke more people than Vegas.

    1. Bob Holmes

      If you add Mox Mosley in I’m with you. They basically snookered the FIA out of a multi billion dollar series for peanuts.

  8. jack pine

    What about “Billy The Kid” Stepp? Famous Mopar racer back in the day. Besides the stuff he was arrested for, I know people who watched him to some cruel stuff to his pit bulls. Getting them ready for dogfights…

  9. Rig Mover

    A couple from the 90’s:

    John Costanza – JCIT scam

    Urban Casavant – CMKX stock scam

  10. Caveman Tony

    Any dork who moves in down the street from a racetrack and complains about the noise.

    They deserve a swift kick in the groin.

  11. Bill Payer

    Justin Grant, Bill Chapman, Ed Eaton, Gil Kohn, Etown Gold Dust Twins and LEX DUDAS

  12. Joker II

    Justin Grant, Ed Dyck (Eureka Signs) and their limp wristed, behind the sceens neutering of a great mssg board… at one time.
    Eddie like to lurk in the shadows and delete posts, and even profiles if HE doesnt agree with your comments… Eddie admitted as much to me in a PM of threats.
    Justin- poser. Eddie- self rightous douche nozzle with gestapo techniques.

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