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BangShift Question Of The Day: If You Were Remaking Two Lane Blacktop Today What Car Would You Have The Guys Drive?

BangShift Question Of The Day: If You Were Remaking Two Lane Blacktop Today What Car Would You Have The Guys Drive?

This is a tough one that should spark some interesting answers. Let’s say you have been hired by a Hollywood studio to remake the cult classic movie Two Lane Blacktop. The only thing that the studio tells you is that you are 100% absolutely NOT allowed to use a primer gray 1955 Chevrolet as the lead car. You can literally choose any other car on Earth but that one. They want the film to appeal to today’s generation of hot rodders so you need to update the look a little. (Not that the ’55 doesn’t appeal to today’s hot rodder but this is our fake story here!).

The world of racing, especially street racing has changed so much since that movie was made 40+ years ago, right? The rise of things like Street Outlaws, the mechanical advances made by people in everything from six second GT-R Nissans to street driven 5-second door slammers with big turbo engines has changed the landscape of what we see as a performance car.

Would you have them in a full-kill machine like Larry Larson’s truck or Jeff Lutz’s Camaro? Would you have them in a ratty looking Camaro with a big nitrous engine in it, rumbling around? Would you put them in a sleeper late model truck with a couple of turbos on it and plenty of room for their junk in the back or would you go for something more sleek like the Mustang or Firebird we have pictured below.

How would YOU choose to do it?

If You Were Remaking Two Lane Blacktop Today What Car Would You Have The Guys Drive?

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31 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: If You Were Remaking Two Lane Blacktop Today What Car Would You Have The Guys Drive?

  1. BSD289

    Now that is a really tough one!
    It would still have to be something a bit rough round the edges, for the abuse and miles it would cover….mmm
    70′ Buick GS 455 – Twin Turbo – 5 speed manual of course.
    70′ Camaro – F-Bomb style would probably work well. Except with a stick.
    or even a 03′ Mustang Cobra (done right)… But none of these work as well as that damn 55’… ever!

  2. 4 nomor

    It has to be a street car…something you can put some miles on…it would have to be Finnegan’s BlaspHemi!

  3. john

    How many tubo “vacs” would survive a good back road chase. Reminds me of the urban myth of the guy that poured sand down his intake to port/ polish it.

  4. Dave the Bartender

    The idea is to make money to travel, not be the fastest guy in the world like Larson and Lutz. I think Farm Truck has already lived the dream.

    But if old school is too old, and Fast & Furious is too . . . “something?” to appeal to all car people. Then I like the idea of something in between. A hot rod black, low, overpowered Buick Grand National GNX ! Cha Ching !
    Director DTB

    1. pj

      I think this is my favourite answer by far. A GN would be the iconic car that people would want to race. The V6 makes it an “underdog” of sorts. The shiny black paint is recognized everywhere.
      Throw a pair of guys in it and a runaway girl and you have the perfect make money while racing across the country car.

      A Fox body mustang isn’t bad, but just seems boring from a entertainment perspective. Any old muscle cars just feel like you’re now trying to hard to copy the original exactly. To give a fresh take on the iconic movie you need a cult car, and a updated story to capture the feeling but not copy it.

  5. 75Duster

    Stock looking late model Dodge Challenger ( looks like a V6 model ) packing a Hellcat driveline.

  6. Brady

    Damn that’s a great question!!!!

    The ’70 Buick has me thinking….what if they’re driving a patina’ Judge, like it was the Warren Oates car as a nod to the original? No wrong answers when it comes to engine/trans combo…by my heart really says big block.

    Also, this movie needs to happen. The driver of the El Camino at the end still lives in South Knoxville, and I believe he still has the truck!

  7. jerry z

    A run of the mill G-body or Fox body to me would be an equivalent version of the ’55 back then. The best part is to make it as plain or wild looking as possible. What’s under the hood is all that matters.

  8. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Forget about the car – just replace the wooden “actors” and I would forgive even two Chevys. James Taylor must have earned a boat load of smack for his “performance” and its a pity he didn’t do it all in in one go!

    1. b

      hate to say geordie has a good point, what about same cars just updated drivetrains, really just revamping the cast?

  9. Davey

    The point of the movie is a cross country drive being financed by street racing. So the car needs to be fast and dependable (ish…sort of). The 55 in the movie was a great example of the Go-Fast technology of the day and where every penny was spent to go fast rather than look good.

    My choice is a 70 Nova / Murder Nova clone (Flat black but with a 315 Radial tire build. Twin Turbo LS for motor-vation. The big – by – large Pro-line and billet engine stuff we see at Drag Week will never survive the long haul without breaking rocker arms and the such.

  10. Rock On

    Seeing that the 55 Chevy was only 16 years old when the movie came out mean that you want to stick to something late model. Rear wheel drive would be mandatory. Need a back seat for the girl. I would stretch the rules a bit and use a 87-88 Oldsmobile Cutlass or Monte Carlo. Plenty of room for big blocks and wheel tubs.

    1. Whelk

      Good criteria. I’d put them in an 01 or 02 Corolla, rear drive swapped with a turbo LT1. It’s a nondescript car that would be plenty surprising. Or maybe do the same thing with a Pacifica in Lohnes honor.

  11. Wolf

    The Fox body has become the modern version of the shoebox, so that would be my suggestion. Flat black LX coupe with a 315 radial on beadlocks.

  12. AutoX_a_Truck?

    The Driver and Mechanic have a homegrown 3rd or 4th gen f-body with a turbo 5.3 or 6.0 based Vortec

    GTO has a bone stock Hellcat or Demon

    1. 1badmonkey


      a fox notch with light weight hood/trunk and doors that are all flexy just like the 55 had…
      instead of “i gotta check the jets” just toss a laptop on the roof of the car and tune away…

      hellcat would in my mind be the closest modern equivalent to the new at the time GTO…


      when do they start filming???

  13. keezling

    If you wanted to truly “modernize” the movie you would have to change the driver to a female. The mechanic trans something, and instead of raising money street racing they would be selling drugs while being pursued by terrorists AND the Mexican drug cartel headed by Vin Diesel. Oh, the car would be a wrapped Honda with a fart can exhaust built by space aliens (just to keep it real).


    Too Easy… I would use Roadkills General Mayhem … with the HellCat engine of course… and pit it against say a 2017 Shelby Mustang

  15. CharlesW

    Hero vehicle 99-05 GM 4×4 truck, reg cab short bed, twin turbo 6.0 with 4L85e, carries drag radials (4 of them) in the bed with a small tool box, truck capable of 8 second ets

    The other one is a tough one, I would say a C63 AMG black edition coupe or sedan, tuned those cars can dip into the 10s

  16. Matt Cramer

    OK, the original came out in 1971. The ’55 Chevy would have been a cheap beater and not a classic – at least to non gearheads.

    I’ll go with the assumption that the remake is set in the present day. What are two grudge racers with a shoestring budget going to throw together now? They’re going to build a Fox body Ford or a GM G body. While a Monte Carlo SS certainly has visual presence, I’d give the nod to a Fox body Mustang as the audience is likely to have a lot of non car guys and they’ll connect with it better. Specifically, I’d like to go with a ’84 hatchback. I just happen to like the four eyed nose.

  17. James Boos

    Too many of you guys are missing what the car represented in the movie. The car was representation of the driver and mechanics inability to let go of an era that was on the way out. All three of them were a little beat down, but still moving along, but basically on their own searching for a new world.

    So how bout a last gen Pontiac GTO that’s a worn.

  18. It\'s 80 degrees in Hawaii . . . again!!!!!

    The general criteria should be a daily driver vehicle about 17 years old, simple, cheap, and bolt-on power adders. Shouldn\’t include $20,000 twin turbo, 9\” diff, 20\” wheels and 375 slicks. It has to be able to do long drives and an \”unassuming\” appearance. Trick sleepers are the order due to \”street racing\” but not mega-bucks dream pieces.
    My suggestion would be S-10, faded paint, little rust, plastic bedliner, maybe a LS3 or a 383 SBC with NO2 (2 stage) and 15\” steel wheels (widen a bit) with hubcaps. Actor should be John Legend.

  19. john t

    to do the film justice I’d say it’d have to be another 55. Imagine if you’d not heard this question and you saw an announcement that they were remaking 2 lane blacktop and the hero car was anything other than a 55, you’d be pissed. Think of when they remade the Italian job – yes they were mini’s but the shitty BMW newies – totally ruined it in my opinion. Or new vs. old gone in 60 seconds – new one is utter crap by comparison. Come to that, how bout don’t remake it – cannot think of any car flick remakes that have been better than the original…

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