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BangShift Question Of The Day: What Are Your Thoughts On A Stock Car For The Street?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What Are Your Thoughts On A Stock Car For The Street?

Do you even dare ask how many cars have been cut up in the name of making a racecar? I wouldn’t. Countless G-bodies, mid-1970s Camaros, Fox Thunderbirds and 1970s Mopars have been Sawzall’d, chopped up and fitted with tubing in order to claim the “racecar” badge. They get used, abused, the ever-lovin’ snot beat out of them, and when their useful life is up, they get cast aside for the next machine to take it’s place. More often than not, that’s the final story for the race car that used to be the freshly painted, tuned-to-kill machine that the builder and driver couldn’t wait to unleash out on the track.

Sad story, isn’t it?

While roaming the car show grounds at the 2017 Car Craft Summer Nationals, I happened upon a 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport known affectionately as, “The Bus”. Part full-kill roundy-rounder and part rat machine, The Bus  is exactly what it looks like: a former racecar that got dragged out of the woods after a time. The cage is still present, as well as the battle scars. But there are two headlights, two taillights, and a license plate present as well. The Bus has come full circle and this old racer is once again a street-legal 1964 Chevelle SS.

It’s an interesting look that can work real well for low-buck applications. Put in the proper caging, make sure all of the necessary items needed for street duty are present, and put in one honkin’ motor…you can’t run a stock car on the street without some bark to back up the look, could you?

The downsides are typical: it won’t be that pretty (unless you’re willing to sink the money to make it pretty), it won’t be restored-quality driver comfortable, and if you actually start with an old racecar, you will have a ways to go in making the car ready to roll. But imagine this thing in traffic, cruising alongside a silver Lexus on one side and a crossover filled with kids on the other. That make me smile, and it should make you do the same. Got an opinion one way or another? Let us know below!

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13 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What Are Your Thoughts On A Stock Car For The Street?

  1. john t

    I used to have an old rally car as my daily – but the difference was it was a 1971 XY Falcon (Aussie model). It had quite a racing history too, a whole bunch of CAMS certifying stickers along the roll cage, Recaro seats and very stiff body shell and suspension. Hot 250 6 cyl and 4 speed and 9″ diff. The body was kinda straight but not really…you could see it had had a tough life but my god was it fun to drive on the street. Miss it dearly…

  2. Dave Dusterberg

    Used to drive my Dodge Neon Coupe SCCA ITA road race car all the time on the street. I’m currently building a Dodge Aspen PT car that I’m installing a Lauglin stock car chassis under. I’m borrowing heavily body modification ques from short track stock cars, especially Chrysler Kit Cars from the 70’s. In other words, yes, it would be a blast to have a street legal stock car.

  3. CruZer

    A friend has just got his 64 Galaxie stock car on the road with a big block Chevy 4 speed combo.It has working lights,horn,etc.It\’s fun following him to cruises and car shows. HE left the NASCAR side exit exhaust on it and hasn\’t been stopped yet for excessive noise.He\’s still running the stock car tires,too!
    Body is in need of paint but that is in the works.

  4. Loren

    Dreamed of doing that before I was old enough to drive, whenever an issue of Stock Car Action or whatever-it-was came along. Figured on a ’66-67 Chevelle but never did one. ’78 El Camino project has stock-car wheels waiting for it, the closest I ever got.

  5. jerry z

    Getting a 60’s or 70’s stock car would be something different! At least with these cars you can put in the windows and lights since they were STOCK cars!

    My favorite would be a either a ’73 Chevelle or ’72 Grand Torino.

  6. Danny

    I’ve built a few out of Gen5 CoT NASCAR chassis. Surprisingly a 2001 Cavalier headlight fits the Camry CoT like it was made for it. In South Carolina all you need is to fill out 3 forms to get a “home built” VIN tag and then have it inspected. Headlights, tail lights, 4 way flashers, mufflers, seat belts and a wiper are all that is required. A 400hp crate motor and a McLeod Muscle Car five speed make for a fun ride in a car that weighs 2700lbs with no lead in it.

  7. Henrik

    I have a friend that drives a 62 buick bubbletop that used to be a stockcar. Its loud as hell inside and out, looks like crap but is faster than you Think. Longer trips is a no go since it drives you crazy without anything inside but a cage. But driving it locally is fun as hell.

  8. Don Wells

    This car made me smile when I originally saw it on someones Instagrahm post mainly because I worked @ Scottys Speed & Custom. Glad to see old stuff brought back.


    Anything is a street car if youre brave (or stupid) enough. I dig it…There is a guy running around here with a Legend Series car that he equipped for the street. Thing is tiny but looks like a total riot to wheel around town

  10. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    There’s a Swedish Ford Galaxy that is an exact replica of a 1960s NASCAR car and even drives all the way round Europe and to England. This is a good idea as you will have a car that handles and stops like a supercar – but you’d have to figure out a way to be able to drive it without turning left all the time…..

  11. Nitromike66

    There was a guy in my hometown that had a mid 70′ Nova that was an old street stock from the local bullring that he returned to the street, it was done very nice, had a nice interior, but still had the roll cage, radiused wheel wells and trunk spoiler.



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