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BangShift Question Of The Day: Is There A Reason To Continue Making The Chevrolet Camaro?

BangShift Question Of The Day: Is There A Reason To Continue Making The Chevrolet Camaro?

For the last few days, the rumors have been flying on many an outlet’s webpage and it’s to the point where they need to be addressed. Here’s the rundown: The sixth-generation Camaro rides on the Alpha platform, which was shared with the Cadillac ATS and CTS. Those Cadillacs are going away…they will be replaced by the CT4 and CT5, respectively, on a new platform called A2XX, which is the sticking point: the Camaro isn’t expected to make the platform jump. Right now there’s a future for Chevrolet’s pony car through 2023. After that…well, right now it seems like the scene is going to look like an empty desert highway with a tumbleweed rolling past, but the soundtrack is going to sound suspiciously like a Chevrolet Bolt, if we have to guess. It’s not the first time the Camaro will go away…that happened already back in 2002, when the F-body was discontinued and the nameplate went on a four-year hiatus until the fifth-gen concept car appeared. It’s not the first time the nameplate was in trouble, either: among other dates, it almost died off in the early 1970s and nearly went front-drive towards the end of the 1980s.

I’ve driven just about every form of the sixth-generation Camaro, except the absolute monster ZL1. They handle well. They perform as you would expect, from modest but capable with the four-cylinder to a stomping good time with the V8. The powertrain that shocked the hell out of me is the 3.6L V6 setup, and that’s how I’d have one…V6, 1LE handling package, manual transmission. That’s not to say I’m in love with the Camaro as it currently sits. I’ve been critical of interior room since I first drove one, and I’ve been assured that it’s a step forward from the fifth-generation car by numerous people. And just to top things off, you have one thing that to me is a sticking point: the fifth and sixth-generation Camaro bodylines are more or less identical. The shape is meant to evoke images of the 1967-69 first-generation car. That same shape has been around since 2016…isn’t it time for something new?

Maybe. Maybe not. I’ve often wondered when the Second Musclecar Era was going to start winding down, and it appears that GM is going to make the first move by moving the Corvette into supercar territory, ditching the Camaro (along with just about every other car they’ve had) and hoping that the Camaro-esque touches on the new Blazer SUV are enough to fill in for someone shopping for an aggressive-looking machine. It didn’t help matters when the 2019 facelift was met with unabashed venom from fans and critics alike. It isn’t going to be easy to get fans of pure muscle to embrace EV or hybrid tech in their beloved.

Readers, I have nothing to influence you one way or another here. The Camaro is an institution of a nameplate. Just as when Ford tried to turn the Mustang into a front-drive sport coupe, there will be backlash. Opinions are going to fly one way or another. I’m just curious to see where you stand…does the Camaro get to live on to it’s sixtieth birthday and beyond, or have we come to the logical conclusion?

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14 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: Is There A Reason To Continue Making The Chevrolet Camaro?

  1. 71C10SWB

    When was the last time you saw a commercial with a Camaro? Ford does a pretty good job of promoting the Mustang and keeping it fresh. Mopar has really tapped into something with advertising and sponsorships.
    GM just doesn’t seem to care about the car as much as the fans do…
    Not to mention…they are pricing themselves out of the market again across the board.
    Just my $.02

    1. ChicoKid

      I caint think of one reasin to keep makin the camaro. Theys quit it once now this time will bees the reel end of it, Gon for gud. If they had anything special to to them like the challenger or stang theys might sells some of them. These cars with the for and six cyl motors created the poser class, Theys drive around in a camaro tryin to look cool but no performance motor. We has a saying in texas: Big hat, no cattle. Bye camaro

  2. Jeepster

    ” GM just doesn’t seem to care about the car ” what 71C10 said ! all of the promo’s out there are for that hideous looking new blazer, it is not Aztek ugly really…. or is it.

  3. tracey

    The same people who will cry that the Camaro will be eliminated are the same people not going out and buying one.
    The Camaro would be around forever if they sold every one they build. Plain and simple.

  4. jerry z

    The car was ugly when reintroduced and just got uglier. It needs a major restyle. The car looks like ’69 that put on a lot of weight!

  5. Robert

    The Corvette is going mid engine and now the Camaro will go away leaving no choices for a traditional front engine rear drive car. Many will be shopping other brands unless you want a truck.

  6. Skeptical

    Corporate greed. If it’s not over the top profitable, it’s on the chopping block. Look at the head of the company. You think that woman has any interest in cars? Nope! So what people are going to get is only the most profitable vehicles and nothing else. Expect trucks and CUVs. I bet she would axe the vette too if she could and I’m sure she is trying with all the automated vehicle bs.

    1. 61 Impala

      I don’t know who your talking about but I’ve seen Mary Barra’s 69 Camaro and she ordered a triple black C6 ZR1 shortly after being named CEO.


    Its bad from the start no room cant see out looks like a matchbox car i dont see how some one that made the 67-69 got it so off

  8. Jeff

    Who cares? I can get in and out of both the Mustang and Challenger, the Camaro forget it. Harder to acess than a Corvette

  9. BeaverMartin

    Honestly at this point it’s better to kill it than to let GM’s demented designers continue to beat it with the ugly stick. I’m just glad the FIrebird was spared this savage degradation of the brand/my memories.

  10. 61 Impala

    Word inside the corporation is that GM Powertrain will not be developing any new engines. The current engines are sufficient for the next 8-10 years before the switch to EV.

  11. Joe Jolly

    I am not a fan of the Camaro design. I never saw a resemblance to the early models but it is a pretty damn good car. I would pick the 6 cylinder too if ordering one. So, why not an EV Camaro? Make it a 4 door and, give it Tesla performance. The purists may hate it, but they hate any generation of their beloved Camaros that don’t share the same platform as their cars. Porsche is going that way, I bet my Employer (Ford) does too very soon. I think a performance 4 door EV Camaro would do very well, especially if it gets an all new body design..

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